Strawberry Pineapple Mojito

Hello Everyone, This is an incredibly refreshing drink I recommend trying out it’s even good as a non alcoholic drink! I actually found this while browsing Pinterest and found the original post here! I gently modified the recipe instead I combined the ingredients into a pitcher. I reduced the sugar to the mixture as it was already very sweet sounding, though I did rim the … Continue reading Strawberry Pineapple Mojito

Apple Cider Sangria

Hello everyone, I found a very seasonal drink for this months What’s Your Poison? Apple Cider Sangria. There are so many incredible Sangria drinks out there and recently my Pinterest has been blowing up from these types of drinks. The Pinterest post that inspired me is actually a combination.   and My actual recipe is a little bit different from hat found in these posts … Continue reading Apple Cider Sangria

Whats your poison? Vodka Cranberry

Hello everyone, This weeks poison is a Vodka Cranberry garnished with a wedge of lime. I had a really hard time finding a cranberry juice that was actually juice! I don’t buy juices that say things like beverage or cocktail as most cases it means it is not really juice at all but full of flavourings and other junk. If it doesn’t say juice on … Continue reading Whats your poison? Vodka Cranberry

What’s Your Poison? Iced Irish Coffee

Hello everyone, I love coffee, seriously though it has got to be one of my most favourite things ever! It’s a rare occasion that a day goes be with no coffee. So naturally one of my first posts for this feature is going to be a coffee beverage. In the warmer months I have a hard time consuming my favourite beverage because plain and simple … Continue reading What’s Your Poison? Iced Irish Coffee