Throwback Thursday – Icy Hike

This ice hike we took in 2015. The snow and springs were mostly melted and we didn’t expect it to be so icy on this hike, it was, and that didn’t stop us from enjoying this day! This trail was literally coming to life as wildlife woke up and returned. The springs gently melting and bringing life back to this green space. Not going to … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Icy Hike

Throwback Thursday – Las Vegas

As I mentioned in Hello March 2018 it was just recently my anniversary of seven wonderful years with my spouse. Well, two years ago for our fifth anniversary we celebrated by heading off to Vegas! I did share in Backyard Adventures our trip to Las Vegas already so, I will try to show different photos than I previously shared. This throwback is from our anniversary … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Las Vegas

Throwback Thursday – Victoria

Sixteen years ago this month I had this brilliant idea to move away from home I was only Seventeen. I didn’t just move out of my mother’s house but I moved to a different province. I moved to Beautiful British Columbia Canada. More specifically I moved to Victoria BC. Vancouver Island is an incredible place I stayed out there for several years and began my … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Victoria