NYX Cosmetics & A Travel Bag

Hello everyone, I have been meaning to review this for awhile now. I actually acquired this during the holidays when all those awesome gift packs come out. Well I stashed this somewhere and forgot all about it and up until recently when I was looking for a travel bag for all my cosmetics. This clear case well be perfect for my upcoming trip, and all … Continue reading NYX Cosmetics & A Travel Bag

What is this? How to request? How to Unfollow?

Oops! This is a post on a private site that you’re following, but not currently a member of. Please request membership to display these posts in Reader. Came across this in my reader feed how is this entertaining why is it here and how to get rid of it. If I’m following something that is private because I’m not a member I do not want … Continue reading What is this? How to request? How to Unfollow?

Just Another WordPress Fail

Hello everyone, This isn’t the first WordPress fail post and something tells me it won’t be the last. The other day I was checking in to see my likes and check blog stats. Something I have become rather fond of, it’s so exciting to see my new friends liking and commenting on my blog. I recognize many of the names that appear and enjoy checking … Continue reading Just Another WordPress Fail