We had actually missed celebrating a few very important dates in our lives as we had an usual working schedule. So as soon as our routines synced up again we wanted to do something special to make up for lost time. So A trip to the rocky mountains we planned!


It’s a little bit of a drive so we picked up some breakfast from Tim Hortons. Obviously I had to do a photo journal of the trip and I ended up with a whopping 470 photo’s I will only be sharing a handful of those today so don’t worry about sifting through hundreds of photos. I picked out some of my favourite ones to share.




We got to Banff a bit early to check in so we drove around town for a bit then did a little exploring our first stop was Bow Falls. It was a little overcast and cloudy as we were going to go to the top of the mountain the first day and then attend Earth Day festivals the next but we decided it would be nicer to be mountain top on a sunnier day so plans changed.


In this picture you see the “Castle In The Rockies” built in 1888 this luxury Banff Springs Hotel is operated by Fairmont Hotels and is a national historic site. Unfortunately for me we did not stay here and our bank accounts are very thankful for that as you can imagine venue is expensive.


We took a drive over to Tunnel Mountain and a brief easy hike to visit the Banff Hoodoos. You can see them down below it was kind of cloudy and overcast but you can see them in the centre off to the left a little. These are nothing like the ones we saw in Drumheller but still amazing!


There might be a few more selfies to share but I did that on purpose this time. I noticed in my previous travel albums I may take pictures of the sites around me but not of my in the sites and really you can honestly google almost any of these locations and get similar shots by professional photographers so you should be in a few of the ones you personally take! I am going to start taking more thoughtful photos and include myself in the pictures. Though I do know the importance of coming out from behind the camera to enjoy the time first hand as well.

After our hike we worked up a bit of an appetite so we heading back into Banff for a bite and did a little shopping. We ate at Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen Yogurt. I had the bacon waffle with maple syrup and he had chocolate Banana Crepes.We still had some time to waste before we could check in at the hotel so we went back out to explore!


We drove up Mount Norquay and took a picture of Banff town site below. We saw lots of wildlife here but mostly just took in the spectacular view. It’s an incredible drive of u-turns up the mountain,we didn’t go all the way to the top this time but we have in the past. It was started to get pretty windy and a lot of the clouds were starting to scatter.


This picture is one of my favourite. I had shown my honey that I could do burst shots and make a sweet animation with them and he wanted to try but he took a burst shot of over 80 and the animation can’t load that many photos so I looked through them made an animation of my hair blowing in the wind using 10 photos and found this little beauty!


We also took a drive around Vermillion Lakes still mostly frozen over but I wouldn’t trust the ice to be walking on it yikes! We did witness someone getting what looked to be engagement photos taken, how romantic!

Check in time! We stayed at the Banff Inn. It was pretty booked up even for this time of year so the only thing available was a suite with two queens.

I enjoyed myself a relaxing soak in the hot tub to soothe my sore muscles after all that hiking and walking and proceeded to the steam room and sauna. When I was in the sauna someone came in and maybe they were training a new employee but they turned the light off and on and moved the temperature dial. Freaked me out I guess that meant it was time to head back to my room.

After a shower I got all gussied up for a night out with my love! Now in Banff it’s a pretty casual dress code almost everywhere. Honestly I was one of the most dressed up individuals out. Embarrassing story here but I chose a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn in a long time. Long before I had my injury where I ruptured my Planter Faciitis. I thought I could wear these shoes but I couldn’t so I went into an Ardene’s and bought a pair of shoes wore them out and threw out the old ones. My feet ached for the rest of the night.


Because we had changed our plans we had no dinner reservations for that evening and I recommend if you are going for dinner in Banff have a reservation or be prepared to wait! We went to the Elk and Oarsman Kitchen and Bar for dinner and hung out with this guy! It was packed in there but at least is didn’t have a line. I was after all walking around Banff in poor footwear and got a blister by this point I would have eaten anywhere.

Seriously though the food was amazing! One of my favourite foods is a burger. I just love burgers! We got an elk burger and a bison burger. We cut the burgers in half so we could share aw! Delicious! We moved onto St James Gate Irish Pub for a pint and live music before returning to our hotel. I think my honey like being able to watch television from bed. I won’t allow a TV in the bedroom I am too much of an insomniac for that kind of distraction. I tossed and turned all night not sure why I couldn’t get comfortable in this strange bed. Also I learned my spouse is the kind of hotel guest who will tidy the room before leaving!


The next morning we had continental breakfast included with our stay but it was literally fruit and dry muffins so we passed on breakfast and went to start our day I did grab a muffin but I didn’t enjoy it and only ate a bite. Starbucks Carmel Mocchiato for breakfast because the line at Tim’s was too long and there was no parking for us to stop in.



A much nicer day to ride the Banff Gondola up the mountain top.


It’s actually a crazy feeling climbing up the mountain in this gave me tummy tingles and I was thankful I didn’t have a belly full of mediocre breakfast.


Below you can see hikers if you hike up it’s a free ride down but we were not feeling ambitious enough and really we are still just amateur hikers I feel like this is a more advanced hike for us. maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with less snow. Goals.


Once to the top of Sulphur Mountain 2,281m above sea level we took the Banff Skywalk to the Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site and Sanson’s Peak Meteorological Station.


We made it!


From this view you can literally see all the places we visited from the Town of Banff, Castle in the Rockies, Tunnel Mountain, the hoodoos, Mount Norquay and so much more. It’s a 360 degree view all around of spectacular Mountain range. Literally breathtaking as the air is thinner up here.


obviously we visited the sugar shack for some maple syrup and visited with folks from around the world some to say it was their first time eating Canadian Maple Syrup. I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

We had an elevated lunch at Northern Lights I had Prime rib, roasted vegetables and apple pie and he had a pizza and apple pie and well ate some of my potatoes too. We must have been hungry from skipping breakfast. We sure did make a day of it though it is time to head back down.


I must say going down is scarier than going up, yikes!


I got myself a magnet souvenir for the fridge it doesn’t say it’s from Banff so I will just have to remember where I got it.


Oh I almost forgot, it’s not a trip to Banff if you don’t go to The Fudgery to get some sweets! Best fudge I have had to date don’t skip this if you visit here! I got a bear claw by far my favourite treat other than the obvious Maple Fudge and why not have a chocolate coconut cluster and hazelnut cluster oh my gosh!

Happy Trails!







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