MOTD & OOTD – Pastel Goth

So this was a fun look! Actually a buddy of mine introduced me to this trend I had no idea existed. She found it funny that I listen to heavy metal and even doom metal music but I wear pink and flowers in my hair she told me about pastel goth so I went ahead and looked up the trend. This is my recreation. I actually meant to share this post as a part of 30 days of makeup with AyRGalaxy. I got all the material and pictures done but never got around to sharing it. Social media is hard.


To be honest I really like this look. I personally don’t consider myself to fall into any clique titles, stereotypes or labels I just do what I want! I certainty had fun trying this look on though and it wasn’t hard I pretty much already had everything in my wardrobe to do it!


That hair though! As I was going through all the images on the internet I could find about pastel goth there was one thing they all had in common. Pastel coloured hair! Now I wasn’t about to run out and dye my hair not after years of it out and bringing my hair back to life after years of colour torture.


I started my look off by using Max Effects eye and makeup remover plus toner not sure why I chose this maybe I had some left over mascara or something that didn’t wash off the night before good, ew. Next Used Derma E Purifying Youth Serum all over my face and neck. my hair wasn’t clean so I used Colab dry shampoo to freshen it up and give my hair enough texture for the look. I put my hair up into space buns and unloaded the entire can of L’oreal Colorista spray in pink all over my up do. This stuff smells like poison so I did it outside and also protected my clothing by draping a towel around my shoulders. This stuff works great I mean it showed up so good even in my darker hair, it did however take a few washes to get it all out and my brush is still stained pink. I moisturized my lips with Blistex Ultra Protection with SPF, and I have been using Dove Clinical Protection and I don’t think it’s a winner I need something else here.


I did actually complete this hair look by buying little black bows and clipping then in front of each space bun but I didn’t get a good picture of that. Well I did but I am in it with friends and I didn’t ask permission to share those pictures here. Lets move onto how I did the makeup!


I started out by Priming my face with Maybelline’s Baby skin and priming my eyes with Smashbox shadow primer. I used several shades from Katy Kat Palette Cool Kat. I had to keep going back and packing colours on I even used my fingers to get the desired look. I lined my eyes with Essence Matte eyeliner and gave myself a bold wing. Seriously folks I rarely wear eyeliner and to be honest this was one of my first attempts at such a bold wing I was so stressed out doing it I can’t believe it turned out so good. I also wanted a bold lash and I had full intention of wearing falsies but I had a long day I have never been able to wear false lashes for very long. So I went for essence instant volume boost mascara because it really does boost the volume. I used Maybelline Matte and poreless foundation and powder to set my face and I am glad I did it after the eye look as that eye shadow palette can make a lot of fallout prime dust off extra from your brush it’s such a soft powder you have to be careful. I used Revlon Blusher in Haute Pink did my brows with Ardell brow pomade and my lips with Maybelline MatteInk Liquid lipstick in Dreamer. I spritzed my face with L’oreal Infallible setting spray and away I went!


Okay some of the liner was a little shaky but eyeliner is hard and liquid eyeliner and myself are still getting to know each other! I do love this look though it’s something I could wear again and again even toned down a little for an everyday look or glammed up like this. Looking back to be moth on the goth end my lipstick should have been black but at least this lipstick I will be able to wear again and again. It still is out of my comfort zone usually my lips are a bold berry, spine or red. I don’t normally do well with nudes or lighter shades of pink or mauve.


I clearly wasn’t getting good lighting when I took these photos but I think you can still get the picture here. I embraced the dark side and made it cute! Seriously though that hair! A work associate didn’t even recognize me at first and my buddies thought I had actually coloured it!


I didn’t really get a better picture of the whole outfit at least not one of just me and I didn’t ask my friends permissions to share those pictures on the blog a polite courtesy so this is the best you get! The completed look!


Okay so I lost my previous staging area for these kinds of things as I am still in the midst of upgrading the babe cave so I’m working with what I got here. This Ellison dress is pretty special I do really like it and it looks great on me. My biggest issue though is it snags! The first time I wore it I wore a purse that snagged it all night long. I took it in to be dry cleaned and had them fix the rips there was ten rips that they found and stitched back together. The thread isn’t quite the same colour but if you are looking that closely at my dress you better be buying me dinner! Just in the future I will have to be careful about what I wear with it so it doesn’t get snagged! That jacket oh my I just love it! This Black studded leather BB Dakota jacket is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! The fish net socks with hearts I got from Hot Topic as well as the black bows. I don’t have any brand names for the spike studded earrings spiked bracelet or choker I’m sorry I must have thrown the packages out in my haste. That adorable Molly Braken purse did have to the chain switched out as the one it came with snagged the dress so I had to improvise there but it still looks great. The Blue Mountain boots you may have seen before still a great and favourite footwear probably won’t be wearing these for a while as the season changes so I may just pack them away until autumn it gets too hot for knee-high boots around here in the summer and they are a suede like material so I think water from spring rain will kill them.


That’s it for this look let me know what you think of this Pastel Goth look, do you think it suits me?




14 thoughts on “MOTD & OOTD – Pastel Goth

      1. Hi Genevieve! How you keeping?? Nice you popped up on my s. Phone!!!
        Ive been experimenting new styles during my break but soo soo busy and stressed out at times i just give up… after half a week im looking like a homeless. But then! Magik! I do myself….
        I am this mysterious figure nobody can quite figure out and get unsollicited attention,,,, when all i want is to walk swiftly under The Night Moon like a futuristic dark and neon Shadow….
        THANKS SO MUCH 4 inspiring me!!!!
        Lots of love and keep giving us fans a glimpse of your genius dressing Style xxxxx sandra xxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey! Aw your words are so kind to me! I’m so glad to have inspired you that makes me feel so happy!
        I too have been stressed and busy a lot of changes in my life have happened mostly good. I haven’t posted anything on here in awhile I really should pop back in and let every know what I’ve been up to!
        I’ve been working on a new look for me. My new job has a more corporate business casual dressing code so I have been on the look out to give this kind of a look an edge! It’s probably about time I pull myself out of this slump and “walk swiftly under the Night Moon like a dark neon Shadow” with my people! You friend have now inspired me!


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