Throwback Thursday – Spring Hike

As it turns out April was not an eventful month for me in the past as there were no Throwback Thursday posts for April but May is full of memories! I have enough Throwback material this month to have double throwback Thursday features. If I am ambitious enough this month I might share them all.

I believe this is the same location as Icy Hike and even the same year 2015 but this time more of the snow had melted and the hike looks different but I am very sure it’s the same place!


With the snow all melted the springs are full of life and adventure. The hike is a lot easier to get through when you are not fighting the icy slopes.


I just love the sound the water makes oh if this photo had sound!


I love the views when you reach the peaks of this hike it’s crazy to think this little forested area a gem hiding right in the prairies. It looks like it was a bit of a dry spring as the landscape isn’t in full bloom yet.


Also at the top a little home to take a rest in I remember there was a whole bunch of these too not just this one. It looked crazy!


Birchwood forest just started to bud getting ready to bloom. So blessed to have such a diverse landscape right in my very back yard!


I love these shots! It’s hard to tell but this tree is a small giant!

I can’t wait to get out there and go camping this year these photos awaken my adventurous spirit!



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