NOTW – Swept Away

Yes I am still using press on nails. My poor nails are still in trouble. They are getting close to being fully grown out but not quite ready yet. I had them out and free for a day though and I thought they would be fine but they tore from my hair strands and started to rip so I trimmed, shaped and put on a pair of press on nails.

These nails have generated a lot of attention the blue is really catching many people’s eyes and they have been getting noticed everywhere. The sparkles make me happy for sure I love the glittery nails. The blue is almost an exact colour of one of my scrub tops so it looks perfectly plotted out. With these press on nail sets you are kind of limited to the placement of accent nails. There are a lot of unusable sizes in these packs and I’m not sure yet what I am going to do with all the leftovers. I have been comparing my nail size to my friends in the idea that maybe someone can use the sizes I can’t.

I feel like when I finally get my natural nails up fully grown out and it’s time to paint them again I might be out of practice or maybe even impatient. I am a little spoiled right now with the instant gratification off no waiting and no mess manicure. Last year I did a really neat Remembrance day nail and I tried to find a press on with poppies or anything but unfortunately there is a limited supply so I will just share with you last years NOTW for Remembrance Day!



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