Blurred Lines

As you can see I am still in the press on nails. My natural nail is about halfway grown out so I guess another month and a half or so of press on nails and I should be able to go natural again. The nails are so brittle thin still one tore and ripped under the press on. Sometimes the press on nails do end up falling off and if I have run out of sizes I will glue it back on but to me that is still better than ripping my whole nail off in an accident. This particular press on manicure is not actually very good. I took the picture the next day after application and already some of the gold lines had faded away. I am not sure what does it soap or contact but the gold lines on some nails are barely there. If you look to my index finger you can see what I mean. These press ons are much shorter than the Halloween ones I have been wearing recently so it is refreshing to go back to a more manageable length. That being said at least the print on the Halloween ones lasted. I’m hoping it is just something happening with this look and it’s not a common problem.

This manicure doesn’t Impress me


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