Dinosaur Provincial Park

I just love that photo with the truck and my honey in the background. Just another one of my adventures from the summer here for you. I meant to post this earlier but well life happens.

We found ourselves back in the Alberta Badlands only this time on the other side pretty much. This place is incredible literally one moment you are driving past farmers fields than the next you are coming to what can only be described as a “Land Before Time” moment coming up to the great valley or something like that it is breathtakingly beautiful.


Behind the feature photo is a lookout to this incredible landscape that seems to go on forever. “More dinosaurs species have been discovered in the park than any other location of the same size. Fossils of nearly 500 animals and plants, including over 40 kinds of dinosaurs have been excavated here.” govt of Alberta. That is in amazing fact!


They may call it Badlands but this is a really good place and home to a diverse many plants and animals.


Beautiful Cottonwood trees standing their ground around this little oasis in the badlands. I believe this is the Red Deer River I have been to many spots along this river and you may have seen it before in my posts.

Amazing and treacherous landscape to travel through it’s no wonder they called it Badlands. In fact French Canadian explorers 200 years ago called this place “les mauvaises terres a traverser” Which translates to “The terrible lands to travel through.”


I recognize these from our Drumheller badlands trip!


Almost looks like someone lives in there!


Aw can we keep him honey please!?


Water has carved out this landscape. About 20 thousand years ago this place was covered in Glacier Ice and Ice Melt from Glacier Lake Bossano. Over time the glacier drains and melts forming the Red Deer River Valley. This exposes sedimentary rocks dating back to 75,000,000 years ago! Water errosion continues to deepen and widen the Red Deer River Valley to its incredible size of 6.5 km wide and up to 100 metres deep. Information I recovered from the informative signs along the way thanks to the Government of Alberta.


I am not sure what this is but would it really be an adventure if i didn’t have a flower in it!?

We barely touched the surface of this place. It is absolutely on the destination list to visit again. We did notice there was camping available at the park and we might have to put it on the bucket list for next summer.

It was an extremely hot day out when we visited this location so we couldn’t have stayed much longer than we did. I am so glad we came here and can’t wait to go back!

Stay adventurous






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