Only because two of the polishes I used are from the California Dreaming OPI launch!

I had a really tough couple weeks at work and just really wanted to unwind this weekend, so many obstacles prevented that. I had a plan, then life happened and had a whole diferent idea of how my weekend should go. So I was really needing a pick me up and this look has the best of both my happy sparkle pink shades because you can’t have just one and my dark looming gun-metal grey side coming through.


I couldn’t find my Ecrinal nail vitamin this week so that step was skipped, went straight in with Poshe Base coat, I used Revlon’s Posh Pink just under the loose glitter on my pinky. Alternating the remaining nails with OPI Don’t Take Yosmite For Granted and OPI This Is Not Whine Country. Followed by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat so it lasts even longer! I am loving it but there is glitter everywhere now! I only use this hand cream after nail application but should probably be using it more judging from the state of my dry hands and cuticles.

I find the names of nail polish so satisfying! Don’t you? Whine country okay maybe I am guilty of a little wine this weekend. Also don’t take anything for Granted, ever! So Posh!

Stay Polished!



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