OOTD – Just A Prairie Lady

Just your everyday prairie lady! Lately I have been going through my closet and weeding out the things I no longer wear or things that are damaged. A good cleaning out of the old so I can bring in the new. As I was doing this I stumbled upon some treasures I hadn’t worn in a while. What better way to test out if I still like the item then to wear it out and feature it here! I think this is a keeper what do you think?


It was such a hot day and I had already been out in the sun too much previously so I wasn’t about to go wandering without a big floppy hat to protect me, and lots of sunblock!


You can still see a bit of smokey haze in the skies but this was one of the clearest days we had in a while. I just love this dress it’s so light and bright! I also love my blue suede shoes they are so cute and I love how they lace up!


My goodness my hair is getting long. I am thinking of what to do with it I really need a cut it is too much to care for and in the summer heat it is driving me nuts! It was nice to just drive around the country side and check out how the crops of my neighbours are doing. With Canola, mustard, wheat, corn and of course grass growing and in full bloom even! Still been a little too dry as you can see for everyone’s preference, hopefully we will get some good rain soon.


This dress is a Jack by Bb Dakoda. My blue suede shoes are Huberto S Muller, Miucha. I couldn’t find an actual website for them though just shopping channels. I felt so proud of myself to be able to wear some of my dressy shoes again. Ever since my injury it has been a struggle dealing with footwear and proper support. I am thinking of doing an update on that by the way so look out for it! My floppy hat is Millie D I also couldn’t find a website for this company either but this is another paper hat. I had no idea it was made from paper until I read the tag to write to you! I couldn’t resist wearing my pearl necklace I have a weakness for pearls such a timeless classic beauty and my go to favourite pieces of jewelry.

I love doing this types of posts but I don’t always have a photography to help me out or I would do them more. How do you clean out your closet or decide whether to keep or toss something? I find I have sentiment to some items and even though I know I’ll never use it I can’t part with them. Does that happen to you too?

Stay Stylish



4 thoughts on “OOTD – Just A Prairie Lady

  1. Yes! Definitely keep!! I’ve been cleaning out my closet too (reminds me of one of Eminem’s songs lmao). I’ve donated/handed down some clothes to my little sister. Some clothes my mom took with her because she’s gonna take them to Mexico for the people down there lol.
    Anyway, this dress looks great on you!! Keep these posts coming! I;m with you on the whole photography thing, I have to wait for hubby to come home and even then we have to pick a location and our kiddo sometimes won’t let us 😦
    Anyway, our skies are still a little hazy, yesterday was our only clear day.


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