Just a bad day!

So, one of my colleagues is away on holidays and another is severely ill. The three of us are the only full-time employees in our department. I have had to switch to all the close shifts this week and I’ve been the only one in my department. Well except for part-time trainees that take time training from the tasks I need to do. My days are running together and I am drowning in the workload. I literally showed up to my shift and my first client exclaimed, “finally”. It was so rude the way it came out I get it you are frustrated but so am I let’s be nice. I took a deep breath smiled and asked if I could help them. Looking around at the scene it was a mess and this particular client had opened 4 or 5 different packages to see if it was what they wanted ripping some packaging it’s not even sell-able. I now have to try to fix discard or discount all those items! Waste of time and money. The product they were looking for was literally in their hands they just didn’t know what it was so they panicked and trashed the place instead of you know asking for help by going to the counter or waiting until I finally got there 5 minutes early for my shift.

Now this kind of thing happens all the time. It is part of being in any type of service environment when you must interact with the general public. Sadly it is true not all people are great to deal with. If this was the only nasty comment I got all day I wouldn’t feel so bummed out but this just set the tone for the whole day. Everything was a mess. Someone let their child throw a major fit which resulting in tons of work cleaning up after them. I wish I could have been there when it happened so I could have at least helped or stopped it, but I discovered it long after they left and a devastation happened. Took over an hour of my time to sort everything out. I remind you I am attempting to do the work of three here and I am already so far behind in everything I must do! People are actually getting mad at me for it and all I can do is smile apologetically and keep on trying to solve the many issues that keep bombarding me. I overheard another client speaking to their party like don’t worry about that it their job to do it just leave it for them. No actually no where in my job description does it say to accept abuse from clients but sometimes we have to do it.  Really, you made a big mess, scene, caused unnecessary disturbance or broke something and it’s my fault you are ignorant because I work here? There is no excuse for being a lousy person other than the fact you are a lousy person with no consideration of others. What kind of person goes out to make someone work harder than they need to just because you feel entitled? I am not asking for an answer I know it already and still I smile through it, grit and bear it, at this point I only have 6 more hours of this place today! The client didn’t know I heard what she said but I heard it loud and clear and waited until they moved on to go and “do my job”, and two other people’s too but thanks for unnecessarily adding to my misery more time wasted while the to do list piles up!

I had clients waste my time trying to decide if their health is worth their purchase while others were lining up to see me. Some of them with more pressing injuries or health concerns, are we done here yet so I can move on please to the next disgruntled client? I’m multitasking so hard I think I forgot to breathe because I basically greeted someone panting from running around so much. I am physically and emotionally exhausted yet I can’t sleep yet because I need to clear my mental state!

Maybe people are just spending way to much time behind screens they don’t know proper etiquette anymore so they act out in public, it is rather disgraceful! With the company’s image to protect all I can do is be my very best apologize for not pleasing the impossible to please and move on promising to be better. I have had to forgive myself  today for all the nasty things I want to say to them or for thinking less of them as a person. I am truly sorry, and maybe you had a bad day too, It’s not their fault they monsters you know that kind of thing. Misery and company I suppose but I am not going to accompany that.

I talk today like everyone in this type of service position are terrible clients but really most times it is a pleasant experience. I feel a great pride in the work I do and I love helping people. There are so many rewarding things and people in my job but today was just not one of them. Maybe the smoke in the air has everyone crazy I don’t know. I don’t know why I want to find an explanation to the nightmare that was today but I find myself searching. I just don’t want to admit that it is acceptable to be offensive in public and treat others with such level of disrespect. Today it was the norm and that’s truly sad.

End rant

Finally I can free myself of the stress and wash off the bad day. Only to face it again tomorrow, oh please be kind!


13 thoughts on “Just a bad day!

  1. My sympathies and blessings on you! Best of luck facing it all again tomorrow! You’ve neatly summed up why I loathe dealing with the public and avoid it as much as possible. I have trouble even over the internet (and trust me they are rude via email etc. too) where I at least (thankfully) can walk away, sware, come back, write, delete, rewrite, edit and finally send a polite response. The few shows I do each year remind me precisely why I only do a Few Shows Each Year! Jo Public and I don’t get along and anyone who deals with them on a regular bases has my profound, sincere, and heart felt admiration and sympathy. So I’ll be thinking of you!

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    1. I can believe people are even worse over the internet because they have more time to react. I do enjoy what I do the majority of the time though and I like working with people. It must be the atmosphere that has people acting crazy or something. Thanks for your heart!


  2. I am sorry. Generally I find the universe sends me something positive after crappy days. People are more aggressive and mean across the board and I wonder why that is, too. Thank you for doing what you do, though. You make a difference. ❤️

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  3. I hope the rest of the week is better for you. I’ve worked at Macy’s in the past, and it was a mix of both, great, enjoyable people and the worst shoppers ever. Sucks you can’t tell them anything and sometimes it seems like common sense for people not to act a certain way even towards the workers, but apparently some people DON’T have common sense. they’re just idiots and they’re stupid. Some people don’t deserve the kindness, but I remember doing my best to swallow my pride and give them a smile because karma is bitch, and it will get them back. 🙂

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    1. It’s been a tough week, my coworkers are still gone and we have a very high maintenance job. I’m going in on my day off today. Hoping my associate is feeling better soon and that the other lady is loving holidays but wow this week is never ending!

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