July 2017 Favourites

Hello everyone,

This month was awesome, I am a bit sad to see it go the time flew so fast. I guess that is an effect of being as busy as I was. The month started off with a bang we had a great Canada day and went for a fabulous Hike at Glenbow. It was my birthday and I had a nice time celebrating it with family. It wouldn’t be my birthday if there wasn’t a thunder and lightning storm on it and this year didn’t disappoint. My honey was sick so my original birthday plans had to be cancelled a few times but I was able to get out with friends and dance the night away we had so much fun! It has been crazy hot month. A few camping plans had to be cancelled due to crazy fires happening in BC and Alberta Border. This caused some major smoke pollution in my area and breathing has been laboured. It’s so unfortunate a lot of these fires are caused by human error. At the time I am writing this post there were 150 fires burning in British Columbia and 9 in Alberta including “the Beast” that burned Fort Mcmurray last year. Yes it is still burning.


Birthday Cake!

Smokey Haze, This haze has effected a massive area across the nation and we even witnessed it raining ash. Mild in comparison to those losing their homes and being evacuated. The fires are devastating! If you wish to learn more about what’s going in click here. Some of the footage shown is terrifying and heartbreaking as the fires burn out of control.

I feel like everything I say now after talking about this is so minuscule and irrelevant. It is a helpless feeling and it weighs on my thoughts the people, the animals and the environment affected, though there is something we can do to help to learn more click here. 

Please practice safe fire habits by putting out fires stir, soak and repeat. Do not throw your cigarette butts out of the vehicle or at all for that matter. Keep your ATV’s in good repair so as to cause sparks. It doesn’t take much for these fires to get started and though some may be from lightning the unfortunate reality is it is human error in most cases.

To move on with this post and on a lighter point lets talk about what I have been loving this month.

One of those things is my humidifier as the dry smokey air chokes us out. Thank goodness for that little thing I have had it going 24/7!

Yardley English Rose Moisturizing Body Wash

I have been really enjoying this body wash mostly because of the fragrance. I do wish it lathered a bit more but that’s okay. The scent is incredible and hasn’t dried out my skin well my skin already has been dry so anything moisture right now my skin is crying for it.

Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay so I have been going Arctic Blonde since I was a teenager but I have since embraced it after years of colouring. I am still new to caring for this hair colour and I’m finding a struggle even more so in the summer as the sun will turn the hair brassy and harsh yellow tones start showing. So I turned to this product. There are a couple of things I am not loving about the product such as the strong lingering scent woof it is intense! Also my already dry hair seemed to be even drier after using this. However, with all that being said it still makes favourites. The Grey hair looks so intensely white all the harsh tones have been washed out! I will not use this product as an everyday shampoo I don’t wash my hair that often anyway but I think I will use it 1 maybe 2 times a month. I had to put an Argan Oil product in my hair after using because it was so dry!


Before adding the Argan Oil.


After using Argan Oil, hair still looks a little dry but I love the brightness of the white!

Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener

I could not find the website for this! However I am loving it. Since using it I have seen a lot less breakage and fraying of the nails.

Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream Tin

This cream in so nice you only need the littlest bit and it goes a long way. It is not greasy and moisturizes really well I will absolutely be repurchasing this product!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and Butter Blush

I got these as a two in one and at first impression it is smelly! Kind of reminds me of tanning lotion of something just really intense smells coming from this product. However not irritating it kind of fades out or I just get nose blind to it I don’t know. I do really like the product it blends easy the blush is more like a golden glowing shimmer than a blush so I use it lightly paired with my favourite blusher and not all the time. I am a bit of a newbie to Bronzer I never really cared for it in the past but I have converted now and am loving it! I use my eco tools brushes to apply this product.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

I won’t talk about this too much because I wrote a post on it here. Obviously this makes the favourites list this thing is awesome!

Eva NYC Tourmaline Clip-Free Curler

My whole life I have struggled to make curls in my hair. Something about my hair just won’t hold the curl it falls out in no time. Rolls or rags are not always reliable you could end up with something un-wearable if you clipped them in wrong. That and how comfortable is sleeping with rollers? I am pleasantly surprised with this item it helps me get beachy curls in no time! My hair is so long I thought I’d be there all day but I wasn’t! I can see me very quickly becoming a curl addict and I am wanting to replace my hair dryer with the one from this line now too. I am a changed lady! I’m still really new to curling but don’t worry  I will get better and share with you my hair curling learning success story!


I watched Moana, aw that was a really cute movie!


I sometimes joke about how I want to move to the Arctic to escape the heat. I think I would be far more comfortable sometimes because I can’t stand being hot. Watching this show though makes me realize it really is the last frontier and you have to be prepared, it’s a lot of hard work, you would be bound to your homestead, though why would you want to leave it is breathtakingly beautiful!


Ain’t it great to be alive!

Life is good!

This Artist never disappoints! I love this style so chill and relaxing I could zen to this all day!

This song I added as a tribute more than a favourite. Chester Bennington commit suicide on July 20th. He leaves behind 6 children, it’s heartbreaking! This was the first Linkin Park song I think I remember hearing I mean this was several years ago so my memory could be wrong but it may just be one of my favourite ones from the band regardless. I never had the honour of seeing them live. As I go back and listen to the songs they is a lot of dark demons and heavy emotions. Mental illness is a deadly disease and relentless. We can only think that he may have found peace In The End.

Looking back on my song choices this month a little ironic, strange how that went down.

Thank you,

You’re my favourite!



9 thoughts on “July 2017 Favourites

  1. Canada Day poured here too! But the sun came out later in the afternoon.
    Happy belated birthday – your cake looks yum!
    That’s terrible about all the forest fires – yes, they’re all human caused!
    Your hair looks great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks it was Icecream cookie cake so yum! It was clear here for a bit but the smoke is back. I can smell it and taste it so gross. Today was a little cooler so it wasn’t choking smoke hot. That shampoo though right!? sacrifice a little dryness and extra moisturizing maintenance to have those colour results!


  2. OMG that sucks about the fires!! We had one last year I think? Or maybe two years ago! It was soo bad that we also had a very yellowy haze for several days. It seriously looked like very heavy fog, people had to be careful when they were driving. Hopefully it can get contained fast!
    And nice picks! I still need to try the butter bronzer!
    So sad about Chester. 😦 I’ve been listening to their music for years, I think that song was the first I’d ever heard too.

    Liked by 1 person

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