New Toy

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant Camera. I bought is as a birthday present for myself! Of course I bought the pink one because Pink is my favourite colour! The camera also comes in a dark blue a light blue, green and white. I have only taken a couple of pictures so far because well lets face the facts here each photo costs $1.10 CAN so that is a fairly expensive little photo.

I am really impressed with the camera it is really easy to use. I love the rounded shape that fits into the hand really nice. I mean it does look like a little kids toy at first glance and it is surprisingly light.

There is a brightness dial located on the camera and will notify you which light setting is best suited using an indicator light. There is also an auto lighting feature if you are doubtful or unsure. We tried a couple different lighting settings and both photos turned out great! There is also the high-key lighting mode, this is to create images mostly made up of whites and bright and not very many blacks.

There is also a close up lens attachment piece that allows you to take photos up to 35cm away! I haven’t tried it yet and I think I will probably leave those kinds of photo jobs to my digital camera but so cool that it has that feature!

I think one of the neatest little features of this camera is the little selfie mirror! How awesome is that! So super cool and really helps you to make sure your selfies are in frame! I took a couple selfies with my spouse to try it out and we loved watching as the photo came to life before our very eyes! It is kind of hard to tell but the photos came out looking great!

This is a great instant camera and if you are thinking of getting one I do recommend this one. The photo’s are neat little keepsakes that fit perfectly into your wallet. I want to find a cute way to display them and get pictures of all my favourite people!

Happy snapping



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