The Babe Cave

Hello Everyone,

I love playing dress up! The fashion, the makeup, I can’t get enough! Also dressing up spaces, most recently I have been refreshing and dressing up my babe cave space.


It is not quite where I want it yet and there is always room to dream and improve! My babe cave is one of the most important rooms in the house for me, I spend a lot of time in there! It must be comfortable and inviting! It is easy for this space to get a little crazy because it is used for so many things! I am always improving this space and finding ways to keep all the many hobbies of mine in order. It’s not always easy!


Even the entryway to my babe cave starts to set a mood.  I found this unique mirror at a garage sale a few years back and I had to have it. It reminds me of a magical mirror. “Mirror mirror on the wall..” A christmas present hangs on the wall from a loved one celebrating the love of my spouse and me!


I am still in the midst of finding cute and creative ways to store my stuff. My jewelry collection is out of control but a small box is left out with the things I have most recently been loving. I love candles especially scented and ones that resemble other objects such as these rocks! I have never lit these ones and probably never will they are for show only!


Actually my spouse got this vanity for me for my birthday a couple of years ago! He was overwhelmed with my makeup station taking over the bathroom spaces and put this together for me! I try to only keep the makeup I am currently using or my monthly favourite items on the vanity and store the rest away. Often that’s how I know what will be in favourites because it has been left out on the vanity!


Currently this is how I store most of my hobbies. I have craft supplies, sewing WIP, Crochet WIP, I have beading and jewelry, staging props and so much more. I have my Great Aunt Marion’s Vintage Bridal Doll. Still in need of a new dress and refresh herself! Dolly is going to help me learn to sew! My many sunglasses in a basket also needs a better system to be displayed and stored but I haven’t quite figured out a solution for them yet. In the big brown box is my nail polish collection. I would like to see them displayed on shelves or even framed similar to the following pinterest inspiration.


I will be on the lookout for a frame like this to recreate this cute and clever nail polish display and organizer!

Tremont 54″ Coffee Table in Midnight Java

A piece like the one shown above would be much more esthetic to contain things like my staging props and I could use it for staging as well! The one I am currently using is starting to look a little shabby!


Currently this is where I do my staging and shredder has torn apart some of the legs and this table is chipping. When It is not in use for staging I do use it store items like the foot spa or room humidifier. I have my garden know all books there too which is a whole other issue a Library is also in great need for the babe cave!


This is my Current “library” and it is starting to overflow as it is. This is actually more of a cat bed than anything else and as you can see shredder has had his way with it already! Thankfully he is finally growing out of this naughty behavior and starting to scratch on his own furniture. Once he is further trained I will be more likely to replace these old pieces with my dream decor such as this library!

Athens Library in Cigar Brown

I love everything about this, it is up there in my most favourite piece! Ever since seeing the library in beauty and the beast I have always wanted one! This is perfect and would be amazing in the babe cave!


Currently this is where I do my reading and relaxing when it is not occupied by a kitty! The afghan my grandmother made for me making this a nice cozy spot with warm welcoming memories!

Cecilia 31″ Upholstered Armless Chaise in Brussels Charcoal

However I wouldn’t mind having something as inviting as this in the babe cave I could see myself getting really cozy here! Dreaming of having a nap here after being hard at work with my many hobbies!


Currently this my sewing station! I am still in the very beginner stages of learning this skill but I am excited to improve and share my progress with you. This space is not the most inviting either and since we are dreaming I found the perfect thing to improve this it!

Tremont Modular 80” x 100” Corner Desk Unit in Midnight Java

This would be plenty of room for the sewing station and when not in use for that I can plunk the laptop here and work on the blog! I love the added storage and extended desk!


I love this look and I just had to have it! I went to the Dollerama and grabbed a bunch of faux flowers to re-create this DIY super romantic magical floral mirror!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every step of the way Shredder had to be a part of this! Unfortunately the seashells didn’t stick as well and have been falling off but the flowers look incredible, so super cute!


Window coverings, it has been so hot out I kind of wish these were black out curtains but Pink is my favourite colour and I think these are so cute! Shredder likes them too.

6 Light Candleabra Floor Lamp

Lighting too is so very important so don’t forget when designing your space to add the perfect lighting. I love this floor lamp it’s so unique it is speaks to me. I also found this incredible Pendant Light from Arhaus and instantly fell in love! Check out their Pendant Light page for inspiration to creating the perfect light for your very own Babe Cave!

Flower Pendant

My lighting situation just got upgraded and I love it. My awesome friend and her family made this piece of reclaimed wood from an old structure! It is beautiful and adds charm and light into my space!




I had so much fun dreaming up the perfect babe cave and making my own space more inviting and beautiful. There is still a lot of work to do to get it where I want and storage solutions are my biggest issue with the current babe cave! This was the perfect activity to inspire myself and allow myself to dream! For we must dream it first before it may become a reality! I totally recommend this activity of dream space inspiration, it was so much fun and I even learned a great deal about myself and my own personal unique style! Try it out and see if you have as much fun as I did I would love to see what you come up with! As I was browsing the internet looking for inspiration I came upon these pieces many from Arhaus as well as pinterest and from my own personal space. If you like some of the pieces I picked out from Arhaus check them out here!

Check out my full Babe Cave Pinterest inspiration here!

Also to help you get inspired to create your own dream space check out these colour graphics!





Endlessly Dreaming!



7 thoughts on “The Babe Cave

  1. I love it! And I love that you have a room dedicated just for yourself. #GOALS
    One day when I get a house I’ll have a room of my own too lol.. That way I don’t have to worry about my kiddo grabbing everything lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It used to be the spare room but we barely used it so I took over. Now when a guest comes I have to drag out the air mattress! I don’t think I could ever not have a Babe Cave after having one for so long.

      Liked by 1 person

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