Thinking of Blue

Hello Everyone,

I was inspired for this look by that amazing sparkly bag! I just absolutely love it! I still haven’t found a use for it due to its shape and size but I love looking at it so it is on display! I really like the way all the colours came together for this look!


For this weeks look I started out with two coats of Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener, I haven’t quite gathered my thoughts to do a review of this yet so far so good though. Next I used one coat of Poshe Basecoat, two coats of Sally Hansen Barracuda, and Revlon Silver. I stippled Sinful Color Queen of Beauty on the one nail and dumped glitter on another. I finished the look off as usual with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.


Unfortunately this Revlon polish is breaking up. As it cured these little bubbles started to surface. I noticed polish does this once it becomes too old or has been exposed to air for too long. I hate that, I love this colour I think it is so unique and can see it being used in many looks. Now most people aren’t going to notice that bubbling at a lance but I see it and it bothers me. This polish unfortunately has to go to the bad box. I have something exciting coming to NOTW soon my mother has been hard at work going through polish and picking out her likes and dislikes. Coming soon will be her favourites and didn’t makes its!

Stay polished




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