Monday Motivation – My Path

Hello everyone,

I borrowed this quote from Gerard Abrams the author of  Gone Hunting.

Our lives are so very different and in so many ways and that is okay. When we are together our paths join, we can cross bridges, swim lakes, and soar through the skies. Our ways may part but you are welcome to walk my path with me. In fact I would appreciate the company. Not to say that I am lonely but that I love you and I am happy when our paths cross. If you like where I am going please feel free to join me. If you only want to slow me down, turn me around, or change my path in a way not to my benefit, then please take the next exit out of here. It is okay that my path is different from yours. I may not make the same decisions or I may choose to live a different way or walk a path you choose to avoid. That doesn’t mean that I am wrong to do so. I do what I do for me and what makes me happy. Not everyone is meant to have the same things or live the same way. This doesn’t mean you should feel sad for me or bad for me in any way, but that you should rejoice with me as I am right on the path and right where I should be and with whom I should be there with.




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