Hello July


Only my favourite month of the year! It is my birth month! Most years I do not really celebrate my birthday. Most of the time I just go to work have a dinner and officially become a year older. I say this every year but this time I do want to do something with a bunch of my friends or family, I really do. There is a concert coming up the day before my birthday but I doubt I will actually be going as everyone I’ve talked to about it seemed less than enthusiastic and my favourite concert going buddy may be out of town during that time so I either go alone or not at all. I took the day off just in case and I do not work my birthday this year, but have not purchased my tickets so I doubt they are still available. I have no idea what I will do having two days off for my birthday and not having my very best friend around to take me to dinner but I still have a little bit of time to figure it out. My birthday this year is on a lame day of the week like a Tuesday or some nonsense.

Another important event this month is Canada Day! This year is 150 so it is a pretty big deal. I am really excited to celebrate I love my country! I know it is a bit early but I found a couple great songs I’d like to share.


and this funny totally accurate skit

Last year I compiled a great playlist on my Canada Day post check it out!

Goal Setting

I got quite a bit of my goals for the month accomplished though there is still lots o work to do. Recently at work we were given scrubs as our new uniforms which is actually exciting because i was spending a lot of money on work appropriate clothes that were just getting destroyed so I am happy about the uniforms. What this means now is I must do a major closet purge. I am going to get rid of all those awful clothes that may be damaged even and make room in my closet for items I actually want to wear! So that is my chore goal for the month.

I did finally get to the fabric store so I can start my journey into learning to sew which is so exciting hopefully this month I can find the time to get my first projects on the go.

I am hoping to get into Tennis this month with a colleague and new friend I made. I am excited to go to our first match. I never really played Tennis but I think it will be so much fun!

I am still teaching myself french using the videos I shared previously and it is going great I am learning so much. I do wish I had more people to practice speaking with but that is okay.

Health and Fitness

I actually wasn’t very good at keeping up with the Yoga it is just not my thing everytime I do yoga my wrist burn it makes the whole experience very unpleasant. So I started just doing more reps of my regular routine and on the 22nd started a meditaion challenge and 15 day pilates challenge. Check them out!


If you are wondering what my everyday workout is I follow Casey Ho’s Blogilates. She puts out a monthly calendar with a list of 4 or so videos a day to do and you can find the videos on youtube. I love doing her workouts and having the free calendar makes it so easy to stay on track and motivated check it out here!

This is one of my favourite video’s she does.

My wish list for this month

I am on a bit of a budget as am I honoured to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding so I trying to save for that. However she is having a country themed wedding and we do require cowboy boots for the event. During July The Calgary Stampede takes place one of the greatest outdoor shows and a huge tourist attraction. During this time every store starts to stock western wear so I am in search of a pair of brown cowboy boots. Realistically the rest of my budget should be saved for the event so quickly approaching!

I did write this post a couple of days early and posted a day early so as not to interfere with Catmews as well as my Canada Day plans. Yes, I said goodbye to June a bit soon but I still did take some to enjoy the passing of the month, I took an adventurous hike and here are a few of the photos I took.


Alberta Rose


Short hike


The sky above me on the hottest day of summer so far!


Elbow Falls

Good Bye June Hello July



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