NOTW – Just Looking For Lace

Hello everyone,

For an event I was attended I really wanted to have my nails match and the theme and for this I required a purple and lace look. You know how difficult it was for me to find a nail foil or wrap or sticker that looked like lace? I went to almost every store in the city I live in well not actually but if I recall it was the 7th store that I found lace foils. I had picked up the pretty white flower stickers just in case I couldn’t ind lace and I’m glad I did.


I first started the manicure out as usual with my Poshe Top Coat, I put 2 layers of Revlon Bold Sangria and stuck down the Sally Hansen Lace nail stickers. They looked disastrous. even worse when I applied a top coat.


I worked at these and worked at them to lay flat and have smooth edges but the sticker was so shape that no amount of smoothing or filing would help. I got so mad and frustrated with the look I had to rip them all off and start over.


Thank goodness for the flower stickers which by the way were at the second store I visited and I could have avoided the whole mess. I am noticing my cuticle are still in trouble despite using the Sally Hansen cuticle cream. I might have to go searching for my previous cuticle treatment as this one is just not cutting it.

Stay manicured



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