Just A Lady in the Bad Lands

Hello everyone,

For a special day hiking trip for took a drive out to Drumheller Alberta. He did some hiking around Horseshoe Canyon. Checked out an old abandoned mining site. Drove the seven bridges to an old saloon had ice cream before finishing the day up at the Hoodoos. During our trip we discovered another mine with caves to go back and visit one day when we have more time full of adventure I can’t wait to go back!


Badlands area actually barren sedimentary rocks that have been eroded over time causing dramatic land formations. This particular area we are at rich in fossils and though we didn’t visit the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum this trip, we did go visit our favourite dinosaurs and we do every time we visit. Don’t you just love my outfit!? Sneak a little OOTD here but I do have on my Hiking Boots, My CEP compression Socks, Karma Yoga pants, Dex White tank top and Oakly pink Mesh top I think was actually a swim cover up that I tie off to one side, and Suntech blue sunnies.



The city of Drumheller made popular due to the rich fossils found in the area and popular tourist site to see the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum. This city has a rich dinosaur culture and statues can be found throughout the city. These are a few of our favourites to visit.

At Midlands provincial park you can take an easy hiking trail and see some old miners junk let behind from the past.


“Midlands Provincial Park was established in 1979 to preserve a significant chapter of Alberta’s Coal Mining history” As posted on a nearby sign.


Coal Cutter.

Some beautiful vegetation and shale. The Highways in the area are actually a reddish hue due to the soft sedimentary rock in the area.


At the lookout point looking through my binoculars.


What a great view, it is a bit of a tradition now to take every vehicle we ever get out here.


Showing my true colours here.


Here we are now at the Hoodoos. It seems every time we visit they are a little more eroded and in worse condition than before. Some tourists show their disrespect by carving their names, or by taking and or staking the rocks. All of which are prohibited.

It was such a wonderful day I can’t wait to go back and explore the other mine. We were a little pooped out after this long day in the sun but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Stay adventurous




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