OOTD – Just a Dress Named Grimace

Hello everyone,

Sorry I apparently didn’t get very many pictures of me in the Grimace Dress I guess that is for the better since it is not my favourite to say the least. This dress was actually ordered online as a potential runner-up for a bridesmaid dress. Unfortunately it came and there were so many things wrong with it and the company decided not to refund us. So we were stuck with Grimace. Grimace if you don’t know is a mascot for a popular food chain but also refers to a facial expression used to display disgust. We had lots of time before the party but I vowed that if we couldn’t sell the ugly grimace dress I would wear it to the bridal shower, So I did and here it is!

The dress was purchased online from JJshouse, there are so many things wrong with this dress it’s a shame we had such a bad experience with this company. I also wore my Vince Camuto Cinna Boots, Changle Yado Caps, as my cowgirl hat, and the black shawl from Soya Concept.


I did everything I could to try to dress this thing up or down or just make it not so much like a car crash. Maybe that is why not many photos were taken of me in it in the many pictures that were captured at the event, it is absolutely hideous! People just saw me in it and ran, literally!


I wanted to find something super pretty and sparkly so at least I can feel beautiful in at least one thing I wore out. I couldn’t believe I found a necklace to match these unique earrings. For affordable jewels they sure are pretty, I will absolutely wear them again.


Just to be extra special I wore a purple eye shadow look. I probably should have found a colour to offset the insane amount of purple this dress is but oh well. I never wear purple eye shadow but I remembered that I hauled some the other day so I put it to the test. It was a long day in the sun and by the end of it there was a bit o creasing and fallout but the shadow still preformed nicely!


I used the shade labeled 1 in the inner corners of my eyes, 2 in the crease, 3 in the middle of the eyelid and 4 in the outer corner and blending into the crease.


I am going to have to have this dress altered if I ever want to wear it again it just was not a flattering look or me. there is just so much dress there and I still have nasty chaffing in my under arm area from the sleeves. It has already snagged from one wear. It made me feel like Grimace and everytime I see the photo’s of it I actually grimace.

Hopefully the next OOTD will b something more flattering and worthy of my photo to be taken in it!

Still Grimacing…



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