Monday Motivation – What Dreams Are Made Of!

Hello everyone,

I have recently been witness to and experienced in the last while others attempt to smoother an other’s dream. It is heartbreaking to watch and even more so when it starts affecting other people as well. So many seem to think they are entitled to trying to suppress a dream, or take it, yes it may be grande but it’s an important dream to someone. No one has the right to try to dampen, dim, or take away from an other’s shine. It can’t come true if you don’t dream it first. It’s unfortunate that those working so hard to make a dream come true can get so shattered by the jaded dreamer now feeling they can’t live out the dream they dream so lovingly, no one wins, except maybe the dimmer they clearly wanted to inflict heartache and steal the show, that’s just wrong.  Or that the dimmer somehow seems to shine brighter than everyone else. At the end of the day alls one can do is take a look around and dare to dream with the ones who will stand by you, support your dream, dream with you and include those who want to be there, and help make them all come true! I’ll stand and wait for you, fight to dream with you, all I can do until you are ready to stop letting one steal dreams and dampen those of everyone else. I refuse to let my dreams be diminished and when you find the courage to join me, I’ll be here. I won’t be dimmed that easy and neither will you if I have anything to do with it!

Dream on.



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