Growth Sprouts and Blooms

Hello everyone,

Everything I planted so far is doing amazing! The flower in the feature was my first bloom on the Impatiens so the colour is no longer a mystery. These were labelled as being a coral flower but it is clearly pink at least to me unless I am colour blind. The kitties love helping me out in the garden too especially Shredder he loves it!

The Lavender looking and smelling incredible!

The Petunia’s really filling out and producing so many blooms I love them. I am now regretting only getting them in white, still beautiful!

These are the Nasturtium’s they have such a unique little sprout I am in love. I have never seen a little sprout shaped like that and I am noting the huge difference in colour from one strain to the next!

Marigolds golden and beautiful as you would want them to be!

I have a bit of a problem happening here. Too many seeds sprouted in the pots these are the two strains of Sunflowers so I am thinking they are going to need to be separated out here.

You can barely see the sprouts here they are so small and so plentiful I feel like I major over seeded.

The Alyssum is filling out nicely so delicate and pretty.


You guessed it another case of over seeding. Last time I planted these peas hardly any sprouted so I put the rest of the box in there I am now regretting that decision as they are a bit out of control.


The little basil looks like over seeding again. One of these times I will learn to seed a normal amount. some of the seeds though they are so ridiculously small it’s hard to control where they go.


The other impatiens has yet to produce a bloom but it won’t be long now.

Hopefully I can find the time to thin these out so as not to over crowd my containers. I have been keeping myself pretty busy though and by the time this posts goes up those seedlings will probably be twice the size and just as crowded.

Happy Growing!


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