Makeup Haul

Hello everyone,

I had a bit of a shopping spree at the drugstore with all new makeup. I see those little makeup displays and new launches and I can’t resist I ant to try them out.


This blush and bronzer duo from Physicians Formula for $18.99 CA. I have never tried A physicians formula bronzer before but I have tried their blushes I did enjoy them. I haven’t tried the Butter Blush though so I am excited. Once I have tried everything out I can write a review for you and well make sure to do a few MOTD posts featuring these new products! I am kind of slow lately at blogging well I’ve been on track last couple of weeks but I can get busy so I won’t promise on how long this may take me.


I am really excited for this Molten Liquid Eye shadow from ELF in Rose gold, this costs only $6.00. I only saw the one colour though so I don’t know what is up with that.


I usually stay far away from Covergirl I next to never buy their products but this drew me in I mean just look at the wand in this Total Tease Mascara. The price, on sale at $7.98 from $9.99.


I have actually used this before and I really did enjoy it. The price is right at $8.00!


I have almost hit pan on my current translucent pressed powder so it was one of the things I had originally came in for. I haven’t tried this one either so I am excited to see how it compares. This was the most expensive item at $19.99! That’s crazy what was I thinking? I guess it won’t be so bad with that rebate and all.


What?! Another Covergirl product what has gotten into me? Actually I saw this in a magazine and I was intrigued Gel liquid lipstick! That is just so different I need to try it out! I’ll let you know how it goes. I only got the one shade in case I had an allergic reaction. I have had that happen with these liquid lipsticks so now I only ever get one until I know. This was $7.98 on sale from $9.99.

Honestly I went in looking for two things and came out with all this. I just can’t help myself I love playing with makeup!

All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars.

Hauled it!



5 thoughts on “Makeup Haul

  1. I have the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and it’s great – the colour is very natural but be prepared for the STRONG scent though. I’ve heard that the corresponding blushes aren’t the best – they lack pigmentation.
    I’m really curious about that CoverGirl Total Tease mascara. I love just about every CoverGirl mascara so I’m hoping that one is a winner too.
    I’ve mailed in Physicians Formula rebates before – it’s so weird to get a cheque in the mail for $9 haha!
    Enjoy everything!


  2. I love the elf eyeshadow. I have the same color and I love it!!! I usually put it over the whole lid with a little darker crease from elf’s mad for matte eyeshadow palette and it looks amazing! A few times I have done a darker look and put it in the middle of my lid to have a little pop and its great!!


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