Monday Motivation – Find Strength

Hello everyone,

This photo is incredible it says so many things to me. We took this during a camping trip in Sundre Alberta and stumbled upon a team of horses traveling along the road. There were so many even more in the three lines we couldn’t even count them all. We proceeded to drive very slowly behind them until it was safe to pass. This photo is actually super zoomed in and then cropped even more. There are so many young babies they were so cute and still clumsy and staying close to mommy. It is a reminder that speeding can kill not only other vehicles but wildlife. It can destroy families and cause a lot of heartaches.

I choose to share this photo this week with the mantra because a couple of members of my family were severely injured Saturday morning. They slowed to make a turn and they were rear ended by another vehicle going full speed. At the time of writting this I am sitting here waiting for updates as to their conditions with heartache and worry. By the time this post goes live I should know more. We know at this point they had to be airlifted to a nearby city to receive medical care. We are several provinces away and there is not much we can do at this point. It is a helpless feeling and a heartbreaking one too. A family comes together to support one another and in our numbers we are stronger and can find hope and love.

A level of awareness needs to be stressed, many accidents can be avoided simply by reducing distractions, practicing caution, and being more aware of your surroundings.

Finding strength…



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