NOTW – Proceed With Caution

*Not a trigger warning, just what I’ve named the nail look*

Hello everyone,

I realize that this is a very similar post as last NOTW right down to the background I chose. I really wanted to have a bright fun super cool nail look and I felt a little let down by the colour I chose last week. I just wanted brighter! So I found brighter, did I ever, I found obnoxiously bright in your face over the top! The colour reminds me of safety vests or of the bright orange flag markers. The pictures really do not do this shade justice it looks so bright neon it’s as if it is glowing! My hands right now are so distracting I could flag down airplanes with them. Okay maybe I took it too far but wow they are intense. Please excuse my cuticles they are still not in a happy place better than they were but still angry cuticles.


For this look I used my go to base polish Poshe. China Glaze Pool party, I needed three coats to get an opaque look it goes on very sheer and dries down matte see the photo below. I did like the matte look but I know matte polish tends to chip faster and I was so in love with this colour I want it to glow and shine even more and last longer so I used Sally Hansen Miracle gel top coat. I am still trying out this cuticle cream I haven’t completely gathered my thoughts enough to post a full review and i think it might be dimming the pigment of the polish so I put it in there this time but I skipped using it as I want this colour to be as bright as possible as long as possible!


Pool Party dries down to a matte finish. I do think this is a great look too but once you get a taste of how bright this is it’s hard to dim them down. When I looked this colour up I saw many other reviews on it. I was trying to find what collection it came from so I could try to find like colours. People went from saying it was a red colour to a pink to a coral colour. I don’t know what they are seeing this is quite clearly Safety Orange! Perhaps on different skin tones it comes out looking different. Have you tried this polish and if so what colour did you see?


I think I have a new favourite!

Happy manicures!



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