Starting The Garden

Hello everyone,

I felt so discouraged about plants and gardening from the Root Aphid incident. If you are new to following me I had a house load of plants that fell victim to those pesky little bugs. They devoured everything and I was helpless in my pursuit to get rid of them. The Plants and gardening does make me happy so I set all that aside and got back into it. This go around I am being a lot more careful about the plants that I do bring around. I have a little baby kitty well he is over 1 year now but still curious and into everything. It is really important for me to find plants that are pet friendly. It takes a lot of research to find out what is safe and what is not. Many plants say they are toxic to cats but they don’t have a level of danger. Like some in reality might be so dangerous a small amount could cause death where as others a large amount might cause vomiting. They will both be classified as toxic to cats. So it has been difficult and even more so to find plants that are safe with no dangerous toxicity since there is no measure of danger.


As part of my shopping spree for the Garden I bought these seed packets, I forgot to include a couple that I already had in my possession that I planted as well such as the Arctic Peas, and Basil. I bought some catnip for the kitties, some sunflower seeds for my little bird friends that visit my balcony and some pretty nasturtium an edible flower that is also safe for kitties. Along with the peas all these plants will go along the balcony edge to provide privacy and shade and since many are climbing they will need the railing.


I also visited the garden centre and picked up a few more plants already started. Everything is pet safe according to my research. I have some Lavender, Impatience, Alyssum, Marigolds, and Petunia’s. I did plant mostly flowers this year and not as many herbs and stuff. Last year I barely had any flowers. So many of the things I wanted to grab were listed as toxic and I really wanted a pet friendly garden. Not that I want them munching on my plants just if they do I would rather they not be sick.


How could I forget, I also grabbed some cat grass which Shredder absolutely loves! I put one of the plants inside until he started digging in it now it is an outside toy only.


My wonderful helpers here aiding me in sorting out which plants will go in what containers.


I still needed to wash some of these containers out at this point I still somehow ended up with more plants out there than planned. I guess it is just in my nature to over do everything I do. I just can’t help myself I want it all! Within reason of course.


I think we got it all sorted out I know which pots I am going to use.


My little helper got distracted as soon as he noticed the grass.


Some else here decided to join the grass party!


Marigolds, these are often planted to deter cats and other animals from venturing in the garden because of their fragrance. Though it doesn’t always work they are so bright and cheery!


The Lavender I didn’t have much luck with in previous years I am starting again this time I bought them. This plant was very contradictory as to if it was toxic or not I think it is one of those things that they have to eat a lot of to get sick. It’s hard to say some say its safe some say it’s not. I will just have to watch them around these. Hopefully they are not drawn to the fragrance and really it is only Shredder that is the curious one.


These are the smallest little delicate flower but it was safe for kitties so I grabbed it. I think I grabbed everything pet safe the store had! This little flower is called Alyssum. I don’t know much about this plant yet. I will get out my big book of plants and find out more information in the future.


A close up of these little flowers!


Impatience, I love these flowers! I had some last year and they bloom all season long. I was so happy to discover they were classified safe for kitty. The tag said these were a coral colour but since there are no blooms yet I will just have to wait and see.


Petunias these come in many different colours and often are planted with red and white for Canada day bouquets. I only grabbed white though I didn’t see any red.


All done seeds sowed and plants potted! Now to just sit back and watch them grow!


If I find the time I will do a more focused plant specific post here after I do more research on the care and benefits of each. I will keep you posted as my garden grows!

Happy Planting Friends





4 thoughts on “Starting The Garden

  1. Lavender is use as pain killer.. i think the most it would do is make them sleep more … it is also said to give you good luck … i didn’t see any pansy they are us eatable one us well

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