Hello June!

It’s June so soon

June being the 6th month of the year marking the halfway point on the year. This is the time of year that I like to go back and take a look at any goals I set for the year follow-up with them and see how I am doing. June may be named after the Roman Goddess Juno the goddess of marriage and the wife of the supreme deity Jupiter. Special events this month Fathers Day on the 18th and Summer solstice June 20th.

I did really well with my workout challenge from last month until I got sick. I missed a few days than I went camping and missed some more. This month I am challenging my buddy to workout with me using this Beginner Yoga month challenge! This won’t be my only workout but I will absolutely add it to my routine and check in with my buddy. Again the videos are short and there is no excuse to find 10 minutes to focus on yourself for a little bit. Go on follow along with me!


My cleaning project last month got put off. I ended up doing a different project with gardening and cleaning and sorting through all the camping stuff. So I will have to reorganize and sort all the beauty supplies and stuff this month. Especially since I bought all that new product! I hope to share those reviews with you this month as well.

My wish list also got put on hold as I spent the budget again on camping stuff, hiking boots and I did a spa haul so I am still in need of a few cute summery dresses and some sensible dress shoes.

This month we also got a new truck and so far we are loving it! Except for the brand new scratch someone left on it while we were parked. The big bummer it happened and we hadn’t even had the vehicle for longer than two weeks and we are unsure of exactly where and when or who did it as we went many places and didn’t discover it right away

I bought a cast Iron Dutch Oven and I can’t wait to learn this new cooking technique! So I have many recipes I am excited to try out! The first recipe I have in mind is a jalapeno no knead bread! Mmm so good, best when still warm from the oven! I got the recipe here and cooked it in my new cast iron dutch oven.


I still never made it to a fabric store to start learning to sew. I really wish there was one in my neighbourhood so that goal will also follow through to another month.

A couple of the goals I set out for the year was to continue to be a better me, set monthly goals and make them a feature, and to introduce plants and gardening back into my life. I have been doing all those things so I am right on track!

I am still teaching myself French using this helpful tutorial. I am a little embarrassed I don’t already know the language having French in my background and living in a country with Both English and French as national languages but at least I am learning now.

I took some time to see the month of May off and welcome June. I took along my camera and these are some of the things I saw!


Lilac’s only bloom for a short period of time only about two weeks, some breeds may last up to 6 weeks but that seems to be rare. They are highly coveted mostly because of the highly pleasant scent and appearance. The Lilac bushes themselves do offer a lot of privacy and are often used in many home landscapes.


I spotted this little critter at the train park. Tons of rabbits out there, they love playing chase around the park. The White Tailed Jack Rabbit has now shed his white winter coat and has grown in a summer coat of brownish grey. May is typically when these guys are breeding and soon there will be babies. It is important to know that often the babes may be left unattended in nests on the ground and not to be disturbed if found as the mother will be returning shortly. Too often babies are scooped up especially by youngsters thinking they have been abandoned and this is very stressful to the rabbits, the young may not survive without the care of its mother. The mother often leaves the nest for many reason, one is to protect the young as they do not have much of a scent and do not attract predators as the mother does so she leaves to protect them. Rabbits only feed the babies once a day so they may be left unattended for the greater part of the day. If you suspect the nest has been abandoned but are not sure you can place two small twigs or string in an x formation. If the mother comes back the twigs or string may be moved, do not obstruct her entrance though. Check back in 24 to 48 hours. If the x is in tact call your local wildlife department to investigate and care for the rabbits.


I notices flowers are in bloom everywhere I look. The landscape has turned a lush green farmers have all been out seeding and are waiting for rain. I saw lots of birds too but it is harder for me to capture them on my camera.

I think it is going to be a very busy and exciting month.

Goodbye May, Hello June!





3 thoughts on “Hello June!

  1. Such pretty pictures! How do you find learning French with these videos? I’m trying to get my husband to learn but it’s been a bit hard for him. Maybe the videos would help?

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