NOTW – Camping Clean Up Manicure

Hello everyone,

So as you may know last weekend I was out in the wilderness camping and I basically destroyed my hands. My cuticles were angry and I had dirt under my nails. A very sexy wild woman look but to get back to reality here and back to civilization I prefer to not have cave-woman looking hands. You saw in my Post Camping Spa haul this polish from Sally Hansen Get Juiced. I really wanted this to be a whole lot more vibrant than it was and in different lights the polish takes on a different look. In the feature looks very orange but in reality it is more of a coral colour.


In this lighting the polish looks more true to its colour. I didn’t do too much of a fancy nail look this time as I just wanted a simple look and at this time I had already spent so much time grooming my nails hands, and hangnail’s.  This cuticle massage cream has a very nice apricot fruity smell without being over powering. I am going to keep using it and by the next NOT I should have a full review for it. My initial trail so far is pretty good but I will need to try it out for a little while longer to see how I like it.



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