Post Camping Spa Haul!

Hello Everyone,

So after that camping trip I took I really needed a fabulous spa day so I splurged and got all new products to set myself up for a fabulous spa date! I’ll give you full reviews after I have tried the products out a little more so just a quick run down today of all the things!


After being out in the wilderness for days my skin was screaming for some help. This mask is $2.79 CA.


If you say my camping post than you know my cuticles were in big trouble so I scooped this up for $8.99.


After washing my hair in dry shampoo all weekend I was in serious need of some moisture and a deep clean. I was drawn to the honey heals and protecting claim of this line. An I also grabbed the hair mask for some extra love for my hair. Shampoo $6.49, conditioner $6.49, and the mask $8.99.


This cleanser doubles as a mask treatment or as a cleanser. I initially used it as a cleanser but I am excited to try it out as a mask as well $6.99.


I am a sucker for anything rose scented so I had to scoop this up as well. Anything to wash off that campfire smell am I right? As I am looking back on my reciept here I am not finding this item. Did they forget to ring it in? I can’t tell you how much this was because it is seriously not on my reciept. Yay free stuff!


Sugar scrub, why not toss it in the basket. I have never really got on board with sugar scrubs in the past but I wanted it this time for $9.99.


Not so much for my pamper night but I just couldn’t resist picking up a new eye shadow palette at $13.99.


I also pretty much can’t leave a cosmetics shopping spree without a new nail enamel so this ended up coming home with me at $7.99.

I also needed a new loofah, make sure you replace yours regularly if you use them as old ones can be a breeding ground for bacteria and the colour of this one was so drawing it came home with me for $3.19.

Looking back now for the amount of money I spent here I could have actually just gone to the spa and had a treatment done but oh well I will get more use out of this in the end.

I will keep using these for the next little while and look forward to my thoughts later!

Happy Spa Time




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