Lets Go Camping!

Hello everyone,

I kinda mentioned in my post Hello May that it is kind of a big thing to go camping for May long weekend. May Long weekend is a statuary holiday in which we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. What better way to celebrate that but by going out to crown land! Crown Land or the Peoples land is just that. About 48% of Canada is Provincial Crown Land. During the weekend we actually camped at two different places we spent a couple of nights on Crown land and then went into Kananaskis and met our buddies and an actual campground.


While we were finding a spot to call home for the weekend we saw all these guys out on the road. Wild horses people. This is the most I have ever seen at one time the whole herd was out. There are more in the treeline my camera didn’t pick up in time. Really important not to be speeding down these roads you have no idea what kind of wildlife will be out on the road.


First thing I did when I got out of the truck while rushing to relieve myself is walk right into a low tree branch. Ouch, make sure your first aid kit is fully stoked before heading out. You just never know.


Dang that new truck looks good and we got to do a little off roading in it that the old truck wouldn’t have been able to handle!


Home sweet home, for the weekend.


This is my kitchen for the weekend.


The nights were still a bit cold but the mornings were beautiful sunny and warm.

Evidence that we are only visitors in someone’s  backyard. In this case we see signs of horses living here.


And there they are.


Also sharing this space with some white-tailed deer.


Start your morning of right. I glamp just a little bit here…


… And then a little more glamping. I forgot to include my sunscreen here and sorry the pic sucks I took this one with my phone.


We bought this to keep us entertained and practiced safe shooting with this airsoft BB gun.


The out house… so no more head wound injuries can take place.


This is my washing station.


This is my cooking station. I have really been getting into learning new techniques for cooking over the campfire here I am using coals to cook my meat! So awesome! Practice safe fire cooking techniques if you decide to try this out it can be dangerous.


A favourite camping meal is taco in a bag.

Some more good eats prepared by yours truly, salmon dinner and Cowboy breakfast eggs and bacon.


NOTW All natural and in need of a manicure!


MOTD all natural!

It is so important to leave the space clean the way you found it or in some cases cleaner. I can’t stand showing up to a place like this and finding a mess from the previous visitor. Please respect this special place and clean up after yourself. Practice awareness and animal safety. These lands can be stunningly beautiful but also deadly you need to be on guard for predators and prepared for the worst. After spending two nights here we went to a campground in Kananaskis.


You will find these information posts in provincial parks including maps and emergency numbers everything you need to know. This one was at Sibbald Lake and we did do a little fishing here. It was so busy and even though a lot of these are stocked they were fished out. Poaching and culling is a huge problem I see on the rise, it is a real shame that some take advantage and ruin it for everyone and the environment. A lot of ponds, lakes, streams and rivers were very low and in some cases totally dry.


A growing problem..


The lake itself.


A warning and reminder many need to be more aware of. I did see two bears on this trip one from the road as we were driving a black bear. The other from a safe distance through my binoculars a grizzly. We are in their backyard and should respect that.


This campsite was huge though most of it is a trailer park (not actually) though it might as well be everyone in RV’s. This small little section designated for tenters only because tenting next to an RV or trailer is the worst! A lot of sites now gravel the entire designated camp area so you are putting your tent on rocks and that sucks too. If you are going to go camping to “unplug” why bring a half million dollar RV. Makes no sense to me. Also those are usually the worst offenders for messy campsites.


Such a small perfectly groomed location to camp is far different from our previous home away from home where we could spread out a lot. Here you are tightly crammed in next to other campers. It was a really busy weekend, everywhere we went cars were lined up along the highway. A stock pond was stocked three weeks before we got there and people were lined up to fish. By the time we got there no one was getting bites.




Outhouse, no head wounds here.


A very important reminder that our actions have major consequences and to camp responsibly. Still I saw so many offenders, breaks my heart. At this campsite they do patrols and will confiscate your stuff if you leave a mess and I think that’s great though there are way more visitors and it is difficult to manage everyone at the same time.


Some food we made.


Still looking good after three days of living in the wilderness.

I took so many more photos before my camera died but if I shared them all this post would be way too long. I have no photos from day four where we ventured further into the mountains but I’ll leave you with these you get the idea.

I try to do a lot of camping so if you want to see more of my adventures in the future or more posts like this please let me know in the comments!

Stay wild my friends



15 thoughts on “Lets Go Camping!

    1. Hey it could have been worse so thankful for that. It was a little scary to pull my hand away from my head all covered in blood thankfully I was prepared and to treat myself clean it up and bandage it. It is healing nicely but it will leave a scar.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The food you made look so good for camping food! I remember hot dogs and mushy granola when I went camping… 😛
    It’s great that the camp site tries to educate the public about how to interact with wildlife – lots of people don’t consider the footprint they leave behind. And you survival / glamping items look very sensible! Bathing wipes might be a thing I pack for long flights!
    Sorry about the cut from the branch – ouch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I have been really enjoying this new hobby of fire cooking. I mean I do cheat a little with the propane grill especially for coffee and breakfast but when I can, I cook on the fire. Cooking is one of my favourite things and eating yummy food is so important to me that I won’t sacrifice it when camping I still think want to eat gourmet everyday! That’s just the chef in me.
      Those wipes are amazing, by far the best bathing wipes I have come across so far, I would absolutely repurchase!


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