Boston Fern

Hello everyone,

I am giving my little green thumb another go. After losing all my plants to the demon Root Aphids I almost wanted to give up completely with having plants and everything. It was just devastating to watch plant after plant die from the roots out. I tried everything aside from harsh chemicals that may have been harmful to my kitties.

I have a very young and curious kitty and it is so important to bring in plants that are non-toxic for them. This Boston Fern is a non toxic for cat and dogs plant and I chose to hang it for now to rid that temptation. I am hoping the kitty gets used to having a plant around and hopefully will lose that desire to eat it. The Plant I bought here is already full and looking at it now I could have separated it into multiple plants but I didn’t. I will save that for next year or something. I did re-pot it into a slightly bigger pot so it will be happy for the year.

General Care

The Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) likes a humid environment, warm slightly on the cooler side and shady indirect light is best. Since most homes are on the dry side it is a good idea to add humidity by misting the plant and keeping the soil moist. Since this plant is a bit of a water guzzler it will add to the overall humidity of the home. A great air purifier as well. The soil should be moist without being soggy. The soil should be a mix of peat moss, perlite and all-purpose soil. When re-potting do not cover the crown as this can lead to crown rot. The Fern can be propagated by separating a larger plant by cutting the roots apart or from baby ferns on runners. Looking at my plant I think I have runners happening but I don’t see baby ferns. After the baby ferns on the runners are large enough to sustain themselves they can be cut away and planted. Ferns can tolerate being cut back so the older fronds can be trimmed down if they start to age dry and brown. Ferns do not require fertilizing as the soils usually already contain them and the plant is fast growing in ideal conditions.




6 thoughts on “Boston Fern

  1. I started buying plants too. So far they’re thriving but I hope they don’t die when it gets extremely hot this summer. Also, a few of them need to be fertilized monthly and I know nothing about that lol

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  2. This year I swore I was going to keep my fern alive!! It started out in a 10 in pot-a hanging one. I transplanted it to a 12 in pot-started watering it from the bottom once a week-misting everyday-and kept it out of the sweltering noon day sun. Its been 2 months and I am graduating to a 14 in pot-and gave it an Epsom salt watering (2 tsp per gallon of water) and it is just thriving!! No brown fronds this year-no leaves dying-I feel so accomplished.

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