Hello May 2017

Yay it’s May!

I am trying something new here where I welcome the new months. I plan to take some time before bed on the last day of the month and go for a walk or and just notice the things around me such as weather, smells, sounds, and even down to fashion and cosmetics. A nice way to follow-up with monthly favourites and set up for the new months. This is to help me to reflect as well as move forward in a positive way. To welcome the new month and with that set new goals, challenges, dreams, and inspiration. I am not sure if it will be permanent yet but it has been an idea I’ve been tossing around.

Other than May being the 5th month of the year there are some interesting facts about this month. May may have been named after the Greek Goddess of fertility Maia! Emerald is the birthstone of May symbolizing success and love. There is also an old superstition regarding weddings in May “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day”. A superstition like that just makes me want to debunk it. Want to get married?

In my little area of the world we don’t really start gardening or anything like that until after May long weekend. It is Spring in Canada after all, more Specifically Alberta and the weather is still fairly unpredictable this time of year or any time. In fact May long weekend is when most garden centres prepare for the rush! It is also the first weekend that most leisure campers try to get out. It almost always rains May long weekend. May Long weekend is a Canadian statutory holiday. The Monday before May 25th is Victoria day honouring Queen Victoria’s Birthday. This year it is on Monday May 22. Personally I haven’t made May Long weekend plans yet but I think that well soon change. Another important day to recognize in the month of May is Mothers Day! Let’s Celebrate our Mothers! This day is observed May 14th. This is the birth Month of my Father as well.

This Month I plan to Challenge myself with this 30 days of Pilates Feel free to join me! Most of the videos are short and easy to do so no excuse that you don’t have time!

My big cleaning chore to work on this month is reorganizing and sorting through all beauty products and accessories. It all got dug out when I swapped bathrooms. I seem to collect them faster than I use them and am in need of storage solutions! Also what to do with all those hair flowers, sunnies, and scarves!

I am looking forward to seeing the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and having some quality family times!

On my wish list this month is a pair of comfortable closed toe dress shoes. Storage solutions and a few cute spring dresses and jackets.

Looking at my personal calendar It may be a busy month for me so don’t panic if you don’t see me. I am still adjusting to a change in my routine as well.

A crafty project, I inherited my great Aunts Marion’s Life size doll. She used to fashion clothes and I remember playing doll with her at a young age. She never had children of her own and was a very special item for her. Unfortunately the Doll’s wardrobe was destroyed in a flood a long time ago and she only has one dress. I really want to give the Doll a new look and maybe even a name instead of just referring to it as The Doll! Which well be referred to as Dolly until I think of something better. Dolly’s clothes need to be custom because well, I just don’t think today’s modern doll clothes fit. Dolly has a very small torso and long legs. I think I can just use the current dress as a cutout guide and start with something easy maybe make a purse. It would be really neat If I could figure and how to crochet a dress for Dolly that would be super cute! Any of my crafty friends please share your ideas, or perhaps even patterns to help me fashion something for this old school life-size doll! Dolly is 76cm tall!


I am not sure what happened to Dolly’s Hair or why she is two different colours. All I know that old tattered dress needs to be replaced I can learn doll hair threading later and maybe give the rest of her a tan or lighten the face I am not sure. Any suggestions are welcome. Maybe I will just have to figure out what doll she is and see if I can buy a new one or something I don’t know.

The last day of April on my walk I took the time to notice my surroundings.

May 2017

I noticed the trees beginning to bud.

May 2017

I noticed this little critter.

May 2017

I saw this little early bloomer.


I walked in the sun as rain chased me all the way home.

May 2017

I stepped in these and heard them crunch under my feet for many paces.


This is the culprit..

I could smell the scent of BBQ and the freshness of rain! Sounds of children playing outside and many dog walkers to be seen.

I ended April with real mozzarella grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup with the remains of my basil from last years harvest and parmesan because I eat gourmet everyday!


I watched The Handmaidens Tale the pilot double feature. Wow, that was chilling, I even cried. After composing myself I did a light workout mostly stretching. The rest of my evening was very routine. I am excited for May 2017 I have some very exciting things planned.

Goodbye April Hello May!





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