Good Morning Beautiful!

This little cutie is the smallest cat we’ve ever had in the family. She has always been really tiny. I mostly Call her Pretty Girl she has so many names really. Shinobi is about 12-13 years old. Her favourite things are naps, tuna, and me. She was a difficult kitty when she first joined my family. She was very untrusting of humans and acted very feral and was very thin. She used to pee on me all the time we called her Pee Cat. Thankfully she does not do that anymore. She also likes long snugs and her back scratched. She is so cute she wags her tail when you pet her, the more excited she is the more wags in a single stroke. Recently I was a little worried about her health, looked like she was losing more weight so I took her into the vet. She had some gingivitis and was prescribed some antibiotics. Some blood work was done assuring me that she is in good health otherwise! I am going to try some different foods for her as well maybe softer easier to eat because there has to be a tuna limit here! She has sensitivity to some cat foods and some foods made her really sick. I need to find a high quality good for kitty kinda grub. I tried feeding her soft food in the brand she is on now in the past, she didn’t want anything to do with it. Maybe now that she is older she will enjoy it more.




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