April 2017 Favourites!

Hello everyone,

It has been a few months since I gathered up my favourite things to share with you and there is probably some of my favourite things I missed sharing. I’m adjusting to a change in my routine so time seems to be moving at a different pace.  I looked back on last years April Favourites and was reminded of how hot it was as the province burned that was a terrifying time for Albertans.  This year has been wetter and not as hot so far. We are getting snowy rain it is so slippery because the snow falls in large chunks and staggering amounts but is so wet it creates a slippery slush. I actually slipped in it I caught myself before falling but it sprained my ankle. Today as I write this it is partly cloudy and 12C!


Erase Your Face

I couldn’t find an actual website so that is a link to amazon. I bought these in the four pack and was very skeptical of them at first. I took a couple washing to get the fuzz out. First couple times it was leaving cloth fuzz on my face. Though it takes all my makeup of! I usually still have a little mascara but that is probably because I am not rubbing my eye line with that cloth. I am surprised at how well these work and way more affordable than makeup removers as well as waste efficient.

Simply Perfect Sunday Collection No. 9 Fragrance Mist

I have talked about the lotion on here before. I just am in love with this. I love the packaging even. I am really drawn to very sweet fragrances and this one is that sweet but in a mature sweet. From Figs, toasted sugar and sweet tobacco this collection is still a number one favourite!

Nelson Naturals Charcoal Toothpaste

It is not the most pleasantly flavoured toothpaste. They can say peppermint flavour all they want I still taste the charcoal. Anyway this stuff is really good actually and my smile is improving from using this product!

Fortnum and Mason Black Tea with Cranberry

Oh my gosh is that ever good tea! I actually got this tea as part of a three-piece collection as a gift. So yummy!

Be Delectable Coconut and Cream

I actually bought the lotion by mistake I thought is was the body wash but I have been using it and I love it as well. Leaves my skin so smooth and moisturizer plus it seems incredible and is not at all overpowering.

Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows

I picked this brow powder at a trade show along with an eye shadow quad and a lip gloss. I haven’t really tried the shadow or gloss yet but I am loving this brow powder. It really last and lasts. It came with three brow stencils I use the one Natural. I picked this all up for 40 bucks at the trade show and now that I am seeing how much it is when finding this link for you wow. Thankfully there is so much product in there I won’t be needing to repurchase anytime soon and a little goes a long way looking flawless all day! I haven’t really been using the stencil too much and I use my own angled brush from Eco Tools.

Wet and Wild Coverall Primer

I really enjoyed this primer I used it all up already. Every time I wore it though someone commented or asked what i was doing different and every time I was wearing this primer so I will be getting some more of this for sure!


I started reading the book series Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. My mother suggested I read these as they were her favourites. So they are making favourites this month. I am loving Book 1 Dragon Flight already and I just started so great to be excited to read again! Last few reads were painful to get through and i didn’t finish the last couple I started.


I admittedly have been watching more movies and Netflix than I usually do.

I am obsessed with the 100 this show has my full attention when it comes on and that is rare usually I am multitasking and the TV is just background noise.

I used to always buy up those Archie or Betty and Veronica comics all the time. I loved them and I really like this show as well I think they did a really great job and I love the direction they chose to take it.


I was starting to forget what songs I already listed as favourite so I made this playlist on Youtube so I could easily track and share my favourite tunes. That and i seems like every time i do this I have more songs than before! I just have to make up for all those missed months though because I have been loving so many songs and they have to make favourites playlist! There won’t be as many next time so I went all the way back on my personal playlist to find the tracks in order from oldest to newest.

I discovered this song by accident and I’m glad it is incredible! I haven’t heard anything else from this artist before but I might have to check that out. It is so beautiful in a very eerie way.

I love her voice her style is everything.

I couldn’t believe this song wasn’t on the playlist! I must listen to this song everyday! I was able to attend Ghost in Concert, it was incredible even if I was a little sick. Attending this show was like attending mass only dark and sinister. This song really gets me going I sing and dance every time I hear it!

Another song that can get me up dancing! I love these guys song after song comes out and I love it. I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys in concert!

Actually My buddy Kim turned me onto this song and I love it so catchy I have been singing along every time I hear it.

When I first heard this song I was like yikes that lyric I’m in love with your body left me wondering what about the rest of the person! The second time I heard it saw him play this song live on the Grammy’s I think it was and I fell in love. I was really impressed and have been loving this song ever since.

I still have a bit of a fan girl crush on this man he is gorgeous and that voice. He can keep singing songs like this to me for sure!

I love this song so beautiful!

Yes I love this song since it came out I have been on this song on repeat it is so playful and fun I just want to sing it all day to my love!

I know it was a bit much with all those songs But I am not done please just one more. I was out dancing with my friend to some live music. I introduced myself to one of my new friends and he was floored, he got so excited he said in his cover band he sings a song named Genevieve and he sang it to me it was great but it is kind of a heartbreak song so when he sang it I felt compelled to apologize for breaking his heart! You have to hear it!

Oh man, he invited me to go see his band so he could really sing it to me but I haven’t gone. Oh man, could you imagine.

So now your all caught up!




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