Just an Update!


Just a little bit of everything today. About 3 months ago or so I completely stopped writing here before than I had missed a few features here and there. My routine has changed during that time and I am still adjusting. The device that am using is nearing its end. The cord to the power source barely grips the laptop so I am interrupted frequently while working here. So much has happened in that time I just wanted to share a few things that I have been up to. Just A sneak peek!

Lets start out with my fur babies and Cat Mews! Last Cat Mews I was mourning the loss of Oreo. Since than my brother and my mother adopted a new fur baby. Please welcome Angel everyone!


That look says everything!


These two showing their age at an estimated 12 or 13 years old now.


This baby is almost 1-year-old now. He felt left out when I was shooting for a NOTW! Or he might be jealous of the table too, he just likes to Shred what can I say. Speaking of Nail polish I have really been into pinks!


I mean just look at them all!


Time to do some Housekeeping, and I have been big time! It is spring cleaning around here as I swapped my bathrooms and dug out every piece of makeup, hair thing, jewellery, you name it! The fun part is putting it all back together again!


Of course you know who had to be a part of that too!


Yeah this is MY new bathroom! I have tons of new products to talk about and can’t wait to share with and Swatch it! I also have more Product Fails and Favourites.


Spring has got to be one of my favourite seasons for fashion and so a spring fashion haul is always on order. So many great new outfits and makeup trends to work!


I set up this new work station. I haven’t really been keeping up on crochet and still have not completed my last WIP but I am onto learning a new skill. I am teaching myself sewing and I love it! I just wish there was a supply store in my area. It hinders my progress. Okay lets face it I haven’t been that motivated lately. You may have noticed that though with my silence.

It’s been a little wild around here one day it looks like this and then the very next day this. What an adventure to speak of!

Despite that I am still determined to see green. I attempted to start tomatoes that didn’t go so well shredder wanted a snack and a lot of plants are unsafe for kitties! So I scrapped that and am growing something more pet safe.


Mmm Basil! One of my favourite herbs to cook with. You can also make out the new book series I started it is not new by any means but it was discovered among my mothers favourite things so I am giving this read a go!

For the Adults only section of this post I have been brewing up some new concoctions! All work and no play they say…


Now you are all caught up! For the most part. I managed link tags to all my features if you missed them or want to see more on a particular topic Briefly mentioned. I have so many different types of subscribers it would be great to have the blog function more smoothly so you are seeing more of what you want! Not sure if that means managing more than one blog or pages I am not sure yet. just checking out a few options. If you have suggestions or preferences, improvements you want to see I welcome the feedback!

Thanks everyone,






9 thoughts on “Just an Update!

  1. Great update!
    Sewing is such a great lifelong skill. I wish I had space here to sew again. For now, I knit. πŸ˜›
    Your 1 yr old grey cat is adorable – what a camera whore. πŸ˜‰


    1. He is so funny, always photo bombing me. It’s like he knows he hears the camera turn on and comes running! I haven’t tried knitting either just chrochet i thought about giving it a try too.


  2. I love the kitty pictures and how they’re always near you when you’re cleaning up or doing something lol. Super cute!
    And take your time! Can’t wait to see all your posts once you’ve got you device figured out πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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