Today Oreo Made His Journey Across The Rainbow Bridge.

Hello Everyone,

Today we remember Oreo a loved house cat.

This cat pretty much followed us home from work well not me but my mother. We had recently lost my childhood cat at the time and she swore she wasn’t going to bring another pet back into the house.

One day she went to work and found this cat mewing at her. She posted a note for all to see asking if someone had lost this little baby tuxedo cat. By the end of her shift the note was gone and the kitten was still there. She scooped him up in her arms and brought him home.

He was such a ball of energy and had an adventurous streak in him that none could contain. He bonded with my brother and as he was just a young boy decided to call him Oreo. Oreo enriched our lives with his love, friendship, and adventurous spirit.

At almost the halfway point in his life Oreo was in an accident that is still a mystery to us today. He had escaped as usual and came home in rough condition to say the least. It was horrifying to see him this way, we assume it was a motor vehicle accident and we are still unsure of how he made it back home and into the house like that. He had a determination to survive that night and he did. He lost his hind leg at the hip and needed time to recover. Though it wasn’t long before he was back to his old antics and mischievous ways.

Today he bravely walked across the rainbow bridge, he will be missed greatly by his family and friends.

Thank you Oreo for teaching us all and reminding us to get up when we fall. With our love rest now my sweet tuxedo.


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