Monday Motivation – Schedule it!

Hello everyone,

I have been doing some thinking here about the Motivation Monday post here and I have been slacking on it this past month. Why has this happened and how can I find my motivation back? I need to be motivated in order to motivate.

I think the biggest thing that has happened was losing sight of time and the urgency to complete a task. It’s all well and good to state that you have a goal or an idea in place. It is following through with that thought goal or idea that gets many of us stuck in a procrastination rut. Motivation and inspiration are not going to track you down and put you to work productively. So stop waiting for inspiration and motivation to find you but make time for it and schedule it into your life. If you set the time, deadline schedule for it, prepare for it and stick to that you will be far more productive than waiting for inspiration to find you.

Make motivation and inspiration a part of your routine. I stopped making it a priority the last little while and my production has plummeted as I know longer blog with a sense of urgency. I missed a couple posts, first time it happened I was like “oh no I feel terrible I have strayed from routine I must quickly get something up.” Than I missed more and now it is habit and more acceptable. So time to change it up and make inspiration a habit. What better way to stay motivated than to motivate others. I think that is why I love Monday Motivation so much and it is scheduled time to ensure my motivation is up and to stay inspired. Making motivation in my life a habit helps me stay inspired. Keeping the mind and body sharp, exercised, hydrated, nourished and well rested.

Happy Motivation time friends!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Schedule it!

  1. Love this! You’re totally inspiring my motivation right now! Lol. If i could stay up all night to finish lots of things for the blog I would, BUT i need to sleep for school lol. 😦 school is getting in the way right now for me lol.

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