2017 We Welcome you!

Hello everyone,

I really meant to do this post a few weeks ago but I got caught up in the festivities and then the festivities caught up to me and gave me the flu yuck! So anyways if you’re wondering why I missed so many features at the beginning of the month that is why.

I wanted to review the year and take a look at how far I have come. Last year in 2016 Here I come I had lots of ambitious goals! Some of which I had accomplished some of which I did not.

2016 goals and results:

1 Buy a new Camera – I got one as a present so check that off the list

2 Be a better blogger – I feel like with how I have grown I have achieved this. Though i do not post as often as I did this time last year I am proud of myself for keeping up with this hobby.

3 Be a better writer – I haven’t expanded too much on my creative writing past this blog but I still feel that I have improved even if it is just by making writing a habit.

4 Granny Square – I have abandoned this project unfortunately

5 be a better gardener – Considering I lost the root Aphid Battle this goal still needs work.

6 Go on a trip – Check!

7 Attend a fitness class – The gym I usually go to was converted, it is now a branch off of the company and requires a separate pass. The new location is undesirable and loaded with beefed out Juice Junkies and I am not interested so I am considering other options at this time.

8 Be a better friend – This one is still a challenge it is hard to reconnect with people. The best I can do is send someone a like on their socials or something. People are more and more consumed with devices than the paying attention to those they are present with. It is a shame but I do appreciate those rare moments when we have a great time with loved ones and friends making real memories and not just an emoji on our socials.

My 2017 goals aren’t going to be much different.

My goal is only to continuously become a better me

I hope to start setting more monthly goals and may end up making it a monthly feature.

I would like to introduce gardening back into my life now that I have purged the Root Aphid infection.

I had such a blast with my friends this year for our New Years Party and we served up some delicious treats as well! We dressed up in our best and even got silly with some photo props!

We Served Chicken Cordon Bleu, Bacon wrapped Asparagus, roasted baby potatoes. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts and so much more!


I know 2016 has been a rough year for so many of us for so many reason. At the end of the day and at the end of the calendar year in this case I just think to myself it is good to be alive and well, I will overcome and be better for it.


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