The Root Aphid Battle

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to say the Root Aphids have one. I have tried so many methods to rid myself of these nasty things just short of using heavy poisons. I won’t go the heavy poison route just because it could be a danger to my house cats who have in the past munched on the soil in my plants.

I literally stopped watering the plants for a really long time at least a month maybe longer so they are drying up and dying of thirst. I have noticed since doing this the root aphids sent out there flyer and they increasingly became more aggressive. They fly rather fast and are hard to catch. They are in search of moisture and will fly at your face or land in your drink. I can’t take it anymore so I am getting rid of all of them. In the trash they go I’m done, they win. I have been battling them over a year now I thought they were fungus gnats at first but they are not I learned that.

This whole ordeal may have tainted my love for plants and gardening it is just upsetting. My spouse has said after the plants go we will wait a month or so let all the aphids that may be hiding out die and start over. I just shrugged and said if we start over. I think if I do start over I will be more proactive about bringing plants home. They will be investigated for pests in a big way. I have done a lot of research on these things and they are becoming an increasing problem and is rooting right from the garden nurseries even, so so my fellow garden friends beware this is a serious and very real problem and they are quite literally impossible to get under control if you have a heavy infestation. Take a look back at some of my previous posts on root aphids here in the feature A Dirty Hoe Is A Happy Hoe


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