NOTW – Carry On

Hello everyone,

Sometimes when I am feeling down I just pick a nail polish shade by the name to help cheer me up. This particular one is called Carry On by Essie. It is a very different kind of colour and I was trying so hard to think of what it reminded me of. I had a Caesar salad and it came to me. It looks like Kalamata olives. I have 5 olives hanging off my hand.

It’s a great colour very bold in a moody kind of way. I have been feeling under the weather this past week and I have missed a lot of posts. I am sorry for that but hey life happens and we just carry on am i right! I am hoping to get back on track soon I am starting to feel better already and with the holidays done and I should have more time to spend with you here!

I love you all so much thanks for sticking with me and I am excited for all the good this new year will bring!


5 thoughts on “NOTW – Carry On

    1. I don’t mind, I have most recently been using Poshe Base Coat and I love it so much! I am needing a new base coat and keep forgetting but I will let you know I finally pick a new one up how it compares!


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