NOTW – Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone,

I actually had to change the inspiration for this weeks nail art. I was changing over the laundry and my nail bent so far back  it bruised my nail bed. I also broke a few so I just cut them all down super short. It has been a bit of a cold snap and the dry cold weather has really caused my nails to get brittle right now. I may have to up my game in the winter nail art routine to correct this!

Originally I wanted to stay on the Santa hat theme and paint them onto the tips of my nails but i didn’t have a lot of nail left after the incident so I just did this instead.

For this Manicure I used my Poshe base coat i still didn’t replace it after it split so it was tough work getting what remains out of it. I used China Glaze in with love. I used Revlon transforming effects in holographic pearls to give the red a slight sparkle and finished everything off with Sally Hansen Miracle gel top coat.

I hope you have an amazing day!


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