Monday Motivation – Santa Is Coming

Hello Everyone,

This is the last Monday before Christmas! I had my family over for dinner this weekend and I have two more dinners to attend this coming week. We aren’t really doing too much other than that I mean we don’t even have the tree up or anything. I am not even really buying gifts for anyone my gift was preparing dinner for my family and friends, that’s it! I am not asking for anything either really I have everything I need and if I want something I just go get it. Some people take gift giving really seriously though and beware of the shoppers this week they are stressed out because they left things last-minute and are angry when the thing they want is out of stock. That kind of stress is not necessary.

I did do a little shopping mostly for myself and my spouse got himself a new pressie for himself too, it benefits me as well! Do you know how hard it is to find a red dress!? I feel like I have been everywhere and am still empty-handed. I am not a fan of winter fashion why does it have to be so dark and moody I want a bright red dress maybe something glittery is that too much to ask!?

There are some traditions I am not totally giving up on this year, I know Santa will leave me the usual stocking stuffers such as treats, toothbrushes, soaps, small accessories and more little goodies.

Also I will have cookies and milk that is a must!

Always pajamas and new underwear and socks!

I like to have an easy take it slow kind of morning stay in my new pajamas all day long kind of thing. At least until I head over to dinner with the in-laws.

What Christmas Traditions do you celebrate? Have you finished your shopping? What is your favourite cookie to leave for Santa?


5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Santa Is Coming

  1. I’m only buying gifts for the kids. Not enough money to buy every single adult a gift lol.
    And idk if you guys have practically the same stores over there, but Macy’s typically carries red dresses. However, you have a better chance of finding bright red ones on the junior section. Don’t be ashamed to go through there! When I worked there, moms would shop with their daughters. So don’t be fooled by the “junior” branding. Anyone can find something they like there.
    Also Nordstrom but they tend to run out quickly or not have enough of one shade.

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    1. The shops are mad right now so i avoided going to the big mall. I appreciate your suggestions thank you, you are amazing! I actually found a red dress it is very simple basic red dress. I found it at the twice used store looking new! I am going over to a friends and a family and am thinking of getting a games to play for both parties. Bake chocolate cake and call it Chrismas! If we weren’t super naughty this year than I know Santa will fill our socks with goodies!

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      1. Well that’s great! If you get the chance to take pictures I’d love to see that dress!! 🙂 and have fun at your parties. I’ll be attending one tomorrow 🙂


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