NOTW – Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Hello Everyone,

First let me explain the importance of allowing your design to dry before adding a top coat or you’ll smudge your snowball!

Actually when I was wearing these someone asked me if I was wearing nail wraps! I took that as a compliment on my skill. I love these cute little snowmen. I want to go out and build a snowman who is with me?

It’s been pretty cold around here temp drops to -37 with the wind chill we are under an extreme cold weather watch as I sit here and type this. So no I actually won’t be building actual snowmen! Nail Art will just have to do!


As I always I started with Clean manicured hands and started off with a base polish to protect my nail. I then used OPI Rich girls and po boys. I sponged the snow and dotted snowflakes and painted the snowman base using Sally Hansen’s Ivory Skull. For the fine details of Ol’ Frosty the Snowman I used OPI Nicole in Razzle dazzle! I finished off with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel because it helps keep my manicure lasting so much longer!


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