Day to Night Makeup in Vegas!

Hello everyone,

As the Canadian winter grows colder many of us start thinking and planning to get away somewhere warm. For me winter is the best time to visit an otherwise hot climate destination so I can escape the chill of winter but not smelter in heat I am not accustomed too. We had such a blast in Vegas last year it remains on our destination wish list!


There is just so many exciting things to do while in Vegas and we want to be photo ready for the many pictures we shall surely take. If your planning a Vegas trip might I recommend checking out the site to help guide you, get you great Las Vegas deals, book your trip, and so much more! Also a great tip is to subscribe to your hotels mailing list as they may sometimes offer deals and coupons! There is a lot of walking to do if your touring the strip so bring a good pair of walking shoes! For more information to help you get ready for your trip check out my travel tips! If you want to take a peak into my trip to Vegas check that out here. If you’re looking for an awesome nail art design I got you covered with Wild Card!


During the day you will want to keep it simple with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Try to get one that has SPF in it. Use a cream peach shade as a blush. I am choosing peach because I think it is flattering with pretty much everyone’s skin tone. Apply some SPF lip gloss or if you are like me and wear lipstick day or night than go for your favourite lippie. A look to me is never complete without a great lip. Add a light shimmer sparkle to the eyelids and a reliable perhaps even water-resistant mascara. I am suggesting cream base makeups here so they can easily be layered upon with powder later. Remember shades and or a hat too.

This simple look will get you through a day of shopping or hiking through the Mojave desert. Remember to bring oil blotting sheets as it is a humid environment and your skin may get oily.


For this look I Used Elf Moisturizing Primer, Marcelle Tinted Moisturizer, NYX cream blush, L’oreal Voluminous butterfly, and Physicians formula shimmer sticks from the nude trio. I apparently didn’t have an SPF lip balm on hand because it is in the dead of winter out here and the days are so short I barely see the sun so I went with this Chapstick in pumpkin spice because hello, pumpkin spice lip balm, need I say more.


This look you can easily glam up to hit the strip for a game of cards, dinner date and a show. I used shades inspired by the Mojave desert itself!

You may or may not need to touch up the look of your foundation by using your favourite pressed powder. Touch up the blush with a powder based peach. Add a slight highlight we don’t want a not tin man shine. If you have been out in the sun all day you may be bronzed out already. I’ve created a light smoky eye using a highlight in the inner corner of my eye and adding a coral shade to my cease and centre of the lid, than a burnt bronze to the outer corner. I lined the eye using a black pencil and smudged it out for a dramatic effect. If you adventurous go ahead and pop on some falsies. I chose a darker nude lip to finish off the look. I always use a setting spray to keep my makeup looking fabulous all day-to-night long!


For this look I used A matte finishing powder from Rimmel, Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso, I used Revlon’s Not Just Nude palette the shades I used were the top middle and the bronze shade beside it. I popped the highlighter from L’oreal in rose on the high points of my face and with my finger I smudged it into the inner corner. The eye pencil didn’t make it into the picture but it was L’oreal colour riche in black. I am not usually big on nude lipsticks but I love this one from Maybelline Matte in Touch Of Spice.


This is when you can wear you dress shoes and get a car to take you to your event. Remember that some attractions may have a dress code so don’t go wandering in with your hiking boots still filthy from your hike in the desert or tennis shoes you wore touring the shops.


Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you get a vacation from your routine. Check out my regular routine! Be sure to remove all your makeup I usually have makeup wipes on hand for this or my favourite makeup cleansers, as always cleanse thoroughly and moisturize! I like to have a aloe vera spray as well, it is refreshing, moisturizing and cooling especially if your skin got too much sun!

Have fun on your Vegas trip, stay safe, stay beautiful, and Slay Saturday!


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