Monday Motivation – Winter Wonderland

Hello Everyone,

There is always something so magical about the snow fall. Everything is so cool and the snow just sparkles as the light reflects of it. The cold snap hasn’t hit yet so these warm snowfall days are my favourite. I know a lot of people complain when it snows or consider snow a swear but honestly I love it. I think it is beautiful and refreshing. I’m always feeling so hot so when it snows I m able to find comfort. I welcome the coming of these season. I am not planning too much this holiday season I have a couple parties but I am not decking my halls or anything. I think Shredder my kitten is a little too young for it, my decor will be destroyed by the end of the season. At least finally seeing a snow fall brings my holiday spirit!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Winter Wonderland

  1. It’s super cold here and we’re supposed to get snow on Thursday. That stuff is going to freeze over though. It always does lol. It never lasts more than 24 hours all fluffy and nice.


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