Nail Polish Cull

Hello everyone,

This time last year I did a nail polish cull where I sorted cleaned out old and did a quick review of my nail polish collection. It was received so well from all of you I thought I would go ahead and give it another go! The first time I did this in the post I exclaim how excited I am to have 100 followers! That’s awesome a year later and now I have over 720! Anyway here it is, The Annual Nail Polish Cull!

If you compare photos here it would seem my pile has got a bit bigger. I want a nice storage solution for them and my spouse offered to build me one. I’m still waiting… At the rate I’m going here I’ll need a wall size built-in to contain this habit.

This year I am going to start a nail polish bad bin and put things in there I do not like rather than trying to remember or looking at every bottle to see if it is yucky. There are several polish bottles I didn’t even open this year as well.

Last week we did a looking back and while I was doing that I did notice that there were a couple of colours I tended to use more than others. In previous years I would reach for Essie’s Fiji you can see it in the photo below here.


Still one of my favourites but it is not the one I used the most. I used the most this year Blossom Dandy from Essie, you can see it in the photo below as the base colour for this look.


Now onto the yucky polish’s.


The polish in the bottle above is Nicole by OPI in Stars at Night. It is a unique glitter in that the glitter is in longer thin strands.


It looks incredible when wearing it and I found a photo from 2013 long before I had a blog here and the other colour featured went in last years cull. The problem with this polish is that the liquid has all but dried up and I am left with a thick gooey mess of glitter.


Another one from Nicole by OPI in Razzle Dazzle. I have used this one a lot but there is a ton of things wrong with this polish. It takes two sometimes three coats to get a desired look. I am running low in the bottle and the shape of this bottle is horrible. Honestly though so much product is stored in an area that the brush cannot reach. I am tipping the bottle to bring the product to the brush. Bad product design here and the quality is not where it should be. I will be on the hunt for a new black and fast!


This one is a shame seriously. It is not even that old I think I wore it once and the same thing as the glitter I mentioned earlier the liquid has dried up or become thick and gooey so the glitter looks awful.


It was a neat almost shattered look to it. Funny story about this without planning it or anything both me and my friend bought this transforming effects Revlon Glitter polish in cosmic flakes and wore it the same day. I put it on this blue and she chose a green. So awesome! I wonder if hers has done this too?


At first glance this one seems to be okay, however there are some things wrong with it and I have several polishes similar to this to replace it with. When you use this over top of another colour it changes the original colour so much that I always end up scraping the idea as I do not like the way it turns out. On its own it doesn’t stand out too much. There was a time when that’s how I liked my manicure but now I tend to like more bold statement nails.


This white from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in White On I used several times, it was not easy to work with. White never really is but this one was infuriating. It look so many coats to get a desired look and just never seemed to look flawless. it kind of looked like if I had painted my nails with whiteout or liquid paper.


I really do love this top coat only something strange happens to it after a while. It gets thick and kind gluey like you can pull the brush out of the bottle and have a string of polish follow you several feet. It’s strange and happened with my first bottle I am on to my second bottle of this since i discovered it I do not know yet if it was faulty or if they all do that. It’s hard to tell but id say I still have probably about half or just less than left in this bottle. It doesn’t stop me from repurchasing though but this gluey one has got to go.

It feels like I am missing some I know were bad, like some were prone to bubbling more than others and the consistency was off but I can’t remember so I will just have to set them aside for next years if I come across them.

Looking at these photos it looks like I need a manicure myself so I am off to do that now.


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