November 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

So I actually missed a couple of months here for mt Monthly Favourites. My last Favourites post was in August so I am due to share one with you. I had not really tried anything new and the new items I did try I didn’t like and when I get around to it I will add it to a review for you.

Anyway, my Favourites are back so keep reading to see what I have been loving!

Simply Perfect No. 9: Alluring

I am in absolute love with this. If you have been following me awhile you may know already that I have a love for sweet scents. This one does have a sweet sugary fragrance with hints of figs and sweet tobacco. I’d like to say it is a more mature sweet scent and less like a kid eating candy sweet. I have had terrible luck in the past with scented lotions but I am very pleased with this. The fragrance stays true to itself and is very long-lasting. I love that it lingers with me all day and does not turn sour. I tried some of the other fragrances in the line and they are wonderful too but this one is just so my style I can’t get enough.

7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel-Off

I really do love these peel off masks. I think more than the clay ones because there is less messy clean-up. There is something so satisfying about peeling these off in one piece and then seeing all the nasty junk it’s pulled out! My tip Start with a clean face and give your face a quick rinse after, also moisturize I sprayed my face with an Aloe Vera spray afterward and followed up with my night cream.

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow

I absolutely loved the L’oreal Pro matte so when this came out I knew I just had to try it. I do really like it I have the shade creamy natural and it couldn’t be a better match! I am liking this one especially for the winter so my skin will look more dewy and not as dried out from the winters cold. The only thing I am not a fan of is it is so runny it gets a little messy especially in the cap. Other than that I love the product and will keep it in my winter makeup bag.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

I needed a new powder brush as the one I was using is getting kind of old and it is time for it to be replaced. I have many of these real techniques brushes and have really enjoyed them in the past so of course this one just had to find my collection.

Tealish Fine Teas in Sleep Fairy

As a part of my bedroom routine sleepy tea is a must! I have tried many kinds and have about 3-4 different kinds of herbal sleepy or relax teas on hand at any given time. Of course I am always looking for a new one to add to the routine to switch up the flavours and excite my palette. I love that these are in a resealable package to allow for maximum freshness. The tea itself is so yummy and more fruit flavoured than some of my other sleepy teas.

The Songs I have been loving lately

I saw Dorothy live and that’s how I came to know them. She is an incredible singer and the whole band is just loaded with beautiful people. I got chills when I heard them play it was amazing. Now I’m hooked this one of my new favourite bands!

Also I think Lady Gaga is incredible and I love that she brought back this song!

Shows I watched and enjoyed

I mean I did enjoy this but at the same time I was like, really?

I love this show, I really enjoy fairy tales and fairy tale art that has a dark twist that’s my jam so this show does it for me. Pirates are good too.. eh mate?

Next I watched a couple of movies in the past couple months

I know not a new movie but after finally watching 28 weeks I had to watch this one. Loved it!

The inner child in me loved this and ate it up.

So that is it for my favourites this month Can’t wait to see all of yours I love reading people’s favourites or the break down of what they enjoyed this month.


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