OOTD – Just an Autumn lady

Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to get this post up for a little while now. I actually wore this to my Thanksgiving day dinner party. In Canada we celebrated our Thanksgiving on October 10. I got busy and never did get this post up so here it is just in time for the US Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving you guys!


The boots for this look are from Dirty Laundry. They are a higher heel than I am used to yet. Last year I had an injury to the arch of my foot and it has been a long way to recovery. I now have to purchase my footwear a size or half a size too big so that I can fit insoles in them. I have not been successful with getting back into heels and that yet though. These boots are good for short-term wear for me until I have regained my foot health at least.

The Leggings are from Cest Moi, they are the fleeced lined so they will keep a lady warm on these frosty Canadian days. I really do like them my only complaint is that they are a one size fits most kind of thing and I wish it had real sizes or at least room for your booty i feel like it fits everywhere great but it’s just not as snug as I would like them in that area.

The dress is Lovely Girl Collection, it is a very warm dress so it is perfect for those cooler days. I love the colours to me they scream Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Purse is some old thing I’ve had around for years and just never actually use. It is from Aldo. I also wasn’t wearing it in the photo shoot I don’t know why I guess I left it in the vehicle.

The Sunglasses were gifted to me, people know I have an obsession with sunglasses!

The Earrings are actually something I got from Avon

The necklace is really special it was my grandmothers. She loved jewellery and had loads of it. This is just one of her gold chains and I put a sandstone pendant on it for this look.




I kept the makeup fairly neutral for this look nothing special. I did want to do something fun for the hair and I opted for these fabulous Crazy Buns. I forgot to get a close up of hair and makeup for this look but hey at least I finally got around to posting it!

I hope all my American friends are having a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “OOTD – Just an Autumn lady

  1. Love so many things about this! Fleece lined tights sound fabulous! Love that you wear your grandmother’s jewelry. šŸ’œ The dress is super cute. I don’t normally wear boots, and I really like those! Maybe I’ll give boots another try!

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    1. Thanks It is so super cute. The weather in this photo is a little misleading. It looks colder than it is. Looking closer you can see the grass is still green, though leaves had just started to fall and look super autumn! This was taken in the early afternoon and at that warmest time of day. The snow on the ground all melted by the late afternoon. I usually am on the warmer side so I found it refreshing so to answer your question no I was not cold. The dress is fairly heavy too and the tight being fleece lined were perfect for a Canadian autumn day!

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