Tell America It’s Great

Hello everyone,

The comic I have chosen is not my own I have found it here on Electric Bunny Comics. check it out!

I have chosen this comic and this art because in times of uncertainty or when I feel uncomfortable I like to go for a good laugh or a pep talk. In this case I am uncertain of the very near future and the election. I have never followed any US election so closely before and never have I ever felt so affected by it either. I know this election has been awful for many of you and I have seen friends and families ripped apart by it. I just want to give you a hug and tell you everything will be okay. You have a very tough decision to make.

I feel for you my American friends to the south I really do. This election has been tough and has divided so many of you, and for that I’m sorry. If I am this affected I know you are there living in the thick of it, so as a Canadian I just want “To Tell America It’s Great!”

Check out this twitter hashtag to see more positive messages to help lift your spirits up from this gloomy election. Stay Great America


14 thoughts on “Tell America It’s Great

  1. As a Brit looking at it I can’t see a win either way. One is a moron and the other is just plain scary.
    With a little luck they will learn from this election and learn that sometimes a 3rd party is a viable option when the big two present you with such poor options.

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      1. If it was a prank then it’s a bad one.
        And seeing as American foreign policy often becomes the domestic policy of it’s allies… That’s more than a little unnerving… No matter which of the two gets picked.


      1. I have been keeping my mouth shut all week. But I have a lot to say on the matter. But yeah, my Facebook feed has all been about the election which sucks. Can we get back to NOT talking about the election? Lol


      1. That’s upsetting, hopefully they stay safe and that this whole crazy blows over soon. It’s devastating to see this happening in your country I am overwhelmed with stories of hate crimes, rioting, Obama, Joe, and Trump memes, I watched an American news program the other day and cried. I know not everyone in America is like this but it is painful to watch. It is no wonder people want to flee, they are just embarrassed, ashamed and angry.

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